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Two Indiana Teens Could Face Charges after Fatal SUV Accident

After a 12-year-old Indiana boy died in a car accident involving an under-aged driver, both the driver and the owner of the vehicle could face criminal charges.
According to local news sources, a group of teens was hanging out at a home in Warren, Indiana, on Friday, December 9, when a 17-year-old male gave his car keys to a 14-year-old boy. The teen, along with 12-year-old Cory Downhour and a 13-year-old girl, climbed into an SUV and drove it down a dirt road. The unidentified boy lost control on a stretch of icy road and the SUV fell into a deep ditch. The accident took place just before two in the morning on Saturday.
Downhour was pronounced dead at the scene of the Warren car accident. The two other teens both suffered serious injuries, including broken bones, but have since been released from the hospital.
The 14-year-old could face a charge of operating a vehicle without a license, while the older teen could face a charge in which he allowed a driving violation to take place. Police don’t believe alcohol was involved in the accident, but all of the teens are being tested for drugs and alcohol.
This tragic story is a reminder that it is important to supervise teens – and that a fatal car accident could be partially your fault even if you aren’t in the car.
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