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If a semi-truck is carrying a hazardous liquid, and the victim of the accident is now suffering from respiratory problems, can the driver as well as the shipper of the chemicals be held liable?

We see large tankers carrying hazardous materials on Indiana roads every day. We may not know what’s in the containers, but we know we don’t want to come in contact with whatever it is. When one of these hazmat trucks crash and victims suffer respiratory or other injuries caused by the hazardous substance on top of injuries caused by the crash itself, there may be more than one party liable for compensation.

Who Can Be Held Responsible?

In certain instances, the shipper of such hazardous materials can be held legally responsible if injuries resulted from the type of cargo on the truck. This is Hazmat Semi-Truck With Hazmat Workersespecially true if the shipper failed to advise the driver or the trucking company of the hazardous nature of material contained in the freight. In order to determine liability, an investigation into the trucker’s actions, maintenance and repair records on the truck, and actions on the part of the shipper of the hazardous materials must be conducted. If the trucker’s actions caused the crash, but the hazardous materials he was hauling caused most of the harm, there may be shared responsibility.

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Truck crash cases are complicated enough. When the crash is further complicated by the presence of hazardous materials, you need an Indiana truck crash law firm that has the experience to handle all aspects of the case. Call the law offices of Keller & Keller to schedule a consultation at one of our convenient Indianapolis, Terre Haute, or Granger offices now.


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