Indiana Truck That Caused Fatal I-70 Pile Up Didn’t Have Permit

Posted on Apr 27, 2011
Indiana investigators say that the 18-wheeler that caused a fatal pile-up last week didn’t have a permit to carry an oversized load. In fact, the truck company that owned the vehicle didn’t attempt to secure a permit for the big rig until an hour after the deadly accident took place.

The fatal truck accident took place in Marion County last Wednesday in a construction zone on I-70 near the airport. The oversized load, which was driven by 54-year-old trucker Donald Taylor Junior, struck a barrier in the median, crushing one car and wrecking four others. One driver, 41-year-old Indianapolis resident Judson Dye, was killed in the truck crash, while four others suffered serious injuries. Six hours of closed lanes and tangled traffic followed.

The truck was carrying paving equipment to the construction site and was less than a mile from its destination. While Indiana State Police initially ticketed the truck driver with failing to carry his oversized load permit, further investigation revealed that no such permit existed. Now police are blaming the negligent trucking company, Indiana-based Poindexter Excavating, for the big rig accident.

Witnesses say the truck, which was over 14 feet high, also went under an overpass not meant for vehicles taller than 13 feet, eight inches.

Police say that the I-70 lanes are narrow due to construction, but that the 11-foot-wide lanes should still be wide enough for vehicle to pass safely at 45 miles per hour. There are no plans to widen the lanes in the future. Lanes on Interstate 70 are normally 12 feet wide.

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