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Choosing A Non-Aggressive Dog For A Pet | Illinois & Indiana Dog Bite Lawyer

Though many people assume that the majority of dog bite injuries involve stray dogs or strange dogs, the truth is that most people are attacked by dogs they know or even dogs they own. A large aspect of being a responsible dog owner is choosing and training a non-aggressive dog that will no bite guests, attack children, or pose a safety threat to your neighbors.

Here are a few simple ways that you can avoid bringing an aggressive pet into your home:

•    If you are adopting a dog from a shelter, be sure to learn as much about the dog’s history as possible. Ask the shelter employees why the dog is in the shelter, if it has ever lived with children or cats, and whether it has any history of aggressive behavior.
•    Before adopting a pet, test it for aggression or have a professional test it for aggression. Be wary of dogs that growl when their food or toys are taken away or a dog that shows signs of aggression when placed with other dogs or with strangers.
•    Research different dog breeds, understanding that certain types of dogs have different aggressive tendencies. For example, generally, terriers will be more aggressive than other dogs while retrievers will be less aggressive.
•    Never train your dog using physical abuse or yelling. An abused dog is very likely to transform into an aggressive dog. If you are adopting, ask the shelter if the dog has a history of abuse or violence.
•    Correct aggressive behavior immediately. When it comes down to it, dogs are animals and animals have innate aggressive behavior. However, dogs are also highly trainable. Curbing aggressive behavior early such as inappropriate biting, tugging, and wrestling can quickly and effectively teach dogs what behavior is acceptable and what is not. 
Jim Keller
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