Compensation for Dog Bites

Dogbite lawsuits entitle the victim to seek the right for the following compensation:

  • Medical Expenses
    This includes future medical expenses.  Medical expenses associated with a dog bite can  be extremely costly, especially in the event of a scarring injury.
  • Lost Wages
  • Pain and Suffering
    Inconvenience and missed opportunity often accounts for damages attached to dog bite claims.
  • Psychological Trauma
    Attacks can leave an individual prone to future uncertainty and increased anxiety when in the presence of animals. As well, an attack from an animal often leaves scarring. Scars are more than physical injuries. They can also generate emotional trauma.
  • Damages Incurred to Property
  • Disfigurement Due to Scarring
    Scars can be a serious, life-long after effect of any dog bite. Children are particularly susceptible to bites around the head, neck and face. Scars may require additional plastic surgery, which may need to be delayed until after the scar matures, usually about a year. In the case of a child, plastic surgery may need to wait until the child has finished growing.
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