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Children Of Disabled Veterans Could Lose College Aid In Indiana

Posted on Feb 21, 2011
In the face of extremely difficult financial times, the Indiana legislature is making tough decisions when it comes to budget cuts for next year. Under one new bill meant to save the struggling state money, the children of disabled war veterans would no longer be able to receive a 100 percent college scholarship.

The bill was passed in the Indiana Senate this week by a vote of 32 for and 17 against. The bill will now be considered by the Indiana House.

According to the proposed legislation, only children with veteran parents who are more than 80 percent disabled and children who have had a parent die while serving their country would get a full ride to college. Children with parents who are less than 80 percent disabled would receive 20 percent of their college bill, plus whatever percentage their parent is disabled (for example, if the child’s veteran parent was 40 percent disabled, the child would receive 60 percent college aid).

This new law would save state taxpayers money, but it would also end a tradition in Indiana that has existed since 1935. For the last 75 year, the state of Indiana has paid the full tuition and room and board for all children of Indiana veterans who were injured or harmed while serving. Last year, an estimated 6,000 students with disabled veteran parents received full scholarships to college. The program cost Indiana almost $23 million during the last school year.

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