The Secretary of Veterans Affairs has had enough, and he's making it his mission to help alleviate the backlog of veterans disability claims that exist inside the VA. For those who aren't aware of the crisis facing the VA, you only need to type "VA disability backlog" into Google to get a snapshot of the problem.

At present, disabled veterans are sometimes forced to wait years for approval of their disability rating and claim.  Eric Shinseki believes this to be unacceptable. Shinseki considers himself to be a kid of the Vietnam era and has personal attachment to the hundreds of thousands of disabled Vietnam vets who were exposed to Agent Orange. In fact, it was Shinseki (a former Army chief who had part of his foot blown off in Vietnam) who is making it easier for disabled Vietnam vets receive service-connected compensation.

If Shinseki gets his way, and the VA follows his lead, it's possible that today's soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan may return to a more streamlined system, one that will ensure benefits for our disabled vets suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome, as well as hundreds of other types of physical and mental disabilities as a result of war-time trauma.

Disabled veterans need to be mindful that it's possible their disability rating can be upgraded depending upon their symptoms and condition. It's never a bad idea to contact a qualified and accredited veterans disability lawyer to discuss your current rating and claims status to see if we can increase your disability benefits. 

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