50 Excuses New Mexico Insurance Companies Use To Pay You As Little As Possible After a Car Accident

Car insurance documentation on a clipboard with two small toy carsThink the insurance company will treat you fairly because the accident wasn't your fault? Think again! While our #1 goal is to get the most money possible for our clients, the insurance company's #1 goal is the complete opposite, They want to keep as much of their money as possible, and there are a number of tactics the insurance company will use to limit or deny injury claims.

We've fought with insurance companies for the past 75 years, and at times we've witnessed some questionable behavior on their part. One of the more popular tactics in their arsenal used to limit or deny an injury claim is the good old-fashioned "excuse." So before you accept the insurance company's final offer, or let them make you believe you have no claim, take a look at the following list of insurance company excuses our attorneys and paralegals have compiled.

If you've heard any of these excuses and don't know what to do next, you can call us today to discuss your options and take advantage of our Zero Fee Guarantee located in the Keller & Keller Pledge.

Has The Insurance Company Tried to Sell You Any Of These Excuses After You've Been Injured in an Accident?

1. "The injuries you claim to have sustained in your auto accident are actually related to a prior injury or condition from a previous accident or physical illness."

It's true, that a pre-existing injury can be one of the biggest factors to negatively affect a personal injury claim. (If the insurance company believes they can diminish the value of your claim by saying a prior back injury is to blame for the majority of your pain, they'll do it.) HOWEVER, don't accept this excuse at face value. It's also possible that a pre-existing condition has nothing to do with your current injury, or that the accident made your pre-existing condition worse, therefore potentially entitling you to a larger recovery!

2. "We have closed your file."

We have received calls from panicked accident victims who are worried that the insurance company won't pay for their medical bills or pain and suffering because the claims adjuster has "closed" their file 30 days after the incident. In this example, it's important to understand the critical difference between a "closed file" and your "statute of limitations."

In most instances, when the insurance company says they've "closed your file," they just have made the claim inactive. This does not affect the value of your claim or mean your case is permanently closed; it's simply a tactic and/or internal lingo the insurance company may use to hurry and/or pressure you into settling your claim as quickly as possible.

The date you MUST be concerned with is known as your "statute of limitations." This is the time limit associated with your accident claim and is what officially limits the amount of time you have to settle your case. Every state has a different statute of limitations, but the law is often based on the victim's age as well as the circumstances surrounding the accident.

You should ALWAYS consult with an attorney immediately after an accident to determine how long you have to officially resolve your injury claim.

3. "The police report does not indicate that you had any complaints of pain at the scene of the accident."

If you've received treatment for your injuries, don't let this excuse make you believe you don't have a claim. It's quite common for a car accident victim to sustain injuries that aren't fully realized until 2-3 days after the accident. However, it's essential that you seek treatment immediately after noticing any pain or discomfort—a gap in treatment can negatively affect your claim.

4. "You weren't wearing your seat belt."

New Mexico state law requires that everyone in a vehicle be buckled up, but you should never assume you can't make a recovery for your injuries if you didn't have on a seat belt at the time of the crash.

(Compensation and state laws aside, please ALWAYS wear your seat belt!)

5. "Your car wasn't in great condition."

The insurance company might tell you the tires were worn; your brakes weren't working; your tail lights were out; or your turn signal wasn't working. In most instances, the only time a defect on your vehicle may affect the value of an injury claim is IF it was found to contribute to the cause of the accident.

6. "You weren't licensed to drive." OR "Your license was suspended."

If you're found to be driving without a license and/or your license was suspended, it's likely you'll face fines, further suspensions, or other possible legal repercussions, but it's still possible that you may be able to make a recovery for damages you suffered as a result of the accident.

7. "You didn't react quickly enough to avoid the collision."

This is one of the more popular excuses the insurance company has been known to use when their insured is clearly at fault.

In an attempt to put partial blame on the victim, they'll insinuate that you should have foreseen the accident before it happened and avoided the other driver. This excuse is less likely to work when you're represented by an experienced accident attorney. 

8. "You made an abrupt or unnecessary stop."

This is an insurance company excuse that is often without merit. Vehicles traveling behind you are obligated to give enough space to anticipate any abrupt or sudden stops due to an emergency, or otherwise. If someone strikes your vehicle from behind, it's often the case that you have minimal to 0% fault.

9. "You made a lane change without using your turn signal."

While there are certainly times when not utilizing a turn signal may place some fault on you, there are times when it either has a very minor effect on the liability or none at all.

10. "You did not go to the hospital after the accident."

Seeking medical treatment is very important after an auto accident and it is important to get checked out even if you don't feel immediate pain. Sometimes the shock and adrenaline of the accident can mask the pain you are feeling. While we would advise going to the hospital or doctor as soon as you can, it will not adversely affect your case if you don't go to the hospital immediately.

11. "Your complaints to the doctor were minimal."

Oftentimes, the insurance company is not considering all medical records, or other factors, in their evaluation of your claim. If the insurance company fails to fully evaluate all factors of your case, the insurance company may be committing bad faith under New Mexico law. When that happens, the insurance company may be doing you a favor. Our attorneys are experienced in the area of bad faith law, and can often use the fact the insurance company has committed bad faith as a way to make your case more valuable.

12. "Your complaints to your family doctor did not match the complaints you gave to the staff in the ER."

Residual effects can often lead to new aches and pains that you didn't experience in the ER. As long as you're being honest with your doctor, and he or she is treating you for these new symptoms that are related to the accident, it may be possible for you to recover compensation for these injuries.

13. "No one called the police after the accident."

Most people are surprised to learn police reports are sometimes not filed for accidents involving minimal property damage. However, it still may be possible to make a recovery from your injuries even if a report wasn't filed.

14. "You were partially at fault for the accident."

It's not uncommon for the insurance company to try and place a percentage of fault on an innocent driver if they believe they can get away with it. (Motorcyclists often face this problem after an accident.)

The best advice we can give you for this excuse is to contact an experienced attorney and have them review your version of the events as well as the police report.


15. "No one else was injured in the accident."

It is not uncommon for one person in a vehicle to be injured while their passengers are not. There are several scientific and medical explanations as to why this could be true. First, the specific point and velocity of impact will be a large factor regarding who is injured and who is not. Secondly, the safety features of the vehicle itself will affect injury (airbag deployment, seatbelt use, extent of crush). Lastly, the age and health of the passenger have a lot to do with injury.

16. "Your name is not listed on the police report."

In this instance, it's possible that you were a passenger in a vehicle and the police officer didn't list you for one of several reasons. Perhaps you didn't have immediate pain, or they didn't realize you were involved in the accident, etc. No matter the reason, it still may be possible to collect compensation for injuries you sustained in the accident.

17. "You didn't have auto insurance."

In most states, if you don't have auto insurance and another driver is liable for your injuries, you are still able to seek compensation for medical bills, pain, and suffering, as well as lost wages and property damage. (NOTE: New Mexico does not require motorists to purchase uninsured/underinsured coverage.)

ALWAYS speak to an attorney licensed to practice law in your state before accepting this excuse.

18. "The property damage was not severe."

Don't be intimidated or forced into dismissing your claim simply because the insurance company suggests your property damage was too minimal.

19. The police responded but a report was never made out.

Similar to #13, even if the police do respond, there's a chance they may not make a report if they feel the impact was minor; however, if you sustained an injury, not having a police report doesn't automatically exclude you from seeking compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering related to the accident.

20. "You didn't take an ambulance from the scene of the accident."

An ambulance is not always necessary. Even if you are injured, you may decide to have a friend or family member transport you to the hospital rather than incurring the expense of an ambulance ride. This decision will not adversely affect your claim.

21. "You seem to be a magnet for collisions."

Having been in prior accidents isn't necessarily an automatic reason to limit or deny your claim. Sometimes, simple bad luck is to blame.

22. "Physical evidence was lost and it is necessary to have it examined by an expert to prove your version of the facts."

Physical evidence is important and sometimes it can make or break a case; however, physical evidence and expert testimony are not always necessary to make a recovery.

23. "There are no independent witnesses to prove your version of the events."

Witnesses can certainly bolster your claim, but there are other ways to prove your version of events including physical evidence, video and photo surveillance, damage to vehicles, skid marks, etc.

24. "You had no objective signs of injury at the scene of the accident: No cuts, no broken bones, no bruises."

Just because an injury isn't objective doesn't mean it isn't an injury. Injuries such as a concussion, whiplash, or muscle strain may not be visible but can be incredibly painful. You deserve compensation for those injuries just as much as you would for a broken bone.

25. "You were/are under a doctor's orders not to drive, or were/are on prescription medication."

These issues do not bar you from recovering. If you were under a doctor's orders not to drive or were on prescription medication at the time of your accident, make sure you speak to an experienced accident attorney.

26. "Your pain and symptoms caused by the accident vanished shortly after the accident."

Some people recover more quickly from their injuries than others. Often times this has to do with age, activity level, and overall health. Just because you get better quickly doesn't mean that your injuries weren't real or that you are not entitled to recovery for the time that you were in pain.

27. "The type of injury you sustained could not have possibly been caused by the accident."

Sometimes the insurance company may try to explain injuries such as a rotator cuff tear as one that is unlikely to have been caused by an auto accident when, in fact, it's very much possible your collision was the cause of a unique injury.

28. "You seem to have trouble explaining the accident, so your credibility is in doubt."

There are so many reasons why you may not be able to recall the details surrounding your accident. You may have been traveling on the same route you take every single day when "BAM!" out of nowhere you are involved in a collision. It is possible that you lost consciousness due to the impact. You are likely in shock and your adrenaline is rushing. It is completely understandable that you may have trouble explaining every detail. This is not an excuse that the insurance company can use to get out of fairly compensating you.


29. "Our insured was acting as a 'reasonable person while operating their vehicle and is not at fault."

The "reasonable person" standard is a legal theory that insurance companies will try to use to argue their way out of paying. However, there are personal circumstances and outside circumstances that may affect that theory. It is best to speak to an experienced personal injury attorney who can argue your side.

30. "You were at fault, or partially at fault, for exceeding the posted speed limit."

Even if you were deemed partially at fault or have some liability, you are not always barred from recovery. An experienced injury attorney can explain your state-specific laws to make sure that you are still fairly compensated.

31. "The police report contains errors."

Unfortunately, errors in the police report are quite common. If you feel that the police report is inaccurate, you may want to call the officer who investigated the accident to clarify the errors. Also, make sure that you give any witness information to the investigating officer so that information can be added to the report.

32. "You exaggerated the at-fault driver's actions and are therefore an unreliable source."

Facts are facts. Regardless of whether or not you exaggerated the circumstances of the accident, physical evidence, witness statements, and the police report will prove liability.

33. "You missed a doctor's appointment."

A gap in treatment and multiple missed appointments can do serious damage to your personal injury claim, but missing a single appointment due to an emergency or inability to get to your doctor's office one particular day shouldn't severely damage your claim.

34. "You had a hearing or vision defect and weren't wearing glasses or hearing aid."

These issues may not bar you from recovering. Make sure you speak to an experienced accident attorney.

35. "You didn't notice our insured until the crash happened, so you must not have been paying attention."

We have had several clients that have told us the insurance company wanted to place a percentage of fault on them for "not paying attention."

This is a vague excuse, so it's always recommended that you allow an experienced accident lawyer the opportunity to review the facts surrounding your accident. (In several instances, our attorneys have been able to remove all fault from our client and place 100% on the offending driver.)


36. "Your recollection of times, speeds, and distances is inaccurate, thus your credibility is questionable."

Don't let an insurance company interrogate you based on your memory of time, speed, and/or distance. Details like this are often distorted in a victim's mind due to the psychological trauma you may have experienced during and shortly after a crash. Always consult with an attorney if you're unsure about these details or your car accident.

37. "You were not the first vehicle in the intersection."

Depending on the details of your collision, this excuse is most often given by the insurance company when you have been involved in a "He-Said, She-Said" accident, meaning both parties are claiming they were either turning or proceeding through an intersection with the right of way while the other person failed to yield.

In this instance, it's often advisable to contact an attorney so that they can interview and locate any potential witnesses as well as gather evidence from the accident scene. It's possible that they will also examine the timing of the lights and property damage in an attempt to debunk the insurance company's excuse.

38. "You exaggerated your complaints related to the accident according to your medical records."

Everyone feels pain differently. Only a medical professional can document your injuries and give an opinion.

39. "Your injuries were totally subjective and didn't require X-rays, an MRI, or any orthopedic tests."

Just because your injuries are subjective does not mean that you aren't in pain. There is not one specific course of treatment that an accident victim must undergo to recover compensation for their injuries. If you suffered an injury through no fault of your own, and are following your doctor's advice, it's possible you may be able to receive payment for your medical bills, pain, and suffering, as well as any lost wages.

40. "You were examined by a doctor that was recommended by the insurance company soon after the accident and was found to be uninjured and not in need of treatment."

First, if possible, you should always visit your own primary care physician. Second, if the insurance company did recommend a doctor to you, and you were treated by this doctor, you should immediately contact an attorney to discuss that doctor's findings.

41. "You have a history of mental illness or emotional problems."

Unless you were proved to be at fault for the accident, make false statements about your injuries, or misrepresent the facts regarding how the accident occurred, this excuse shouldn't affect your ability to collect compensation for your injuries.

42. "You previously told us you didn't think you were seriously injured in the accident."

It's never wise to give a statement to the insurance company—your attorney should be your only go-between when dealing with them. That said, if you experienced injuries and didn't begin experiencing the effects of the accident until a few days later, it's possible you may have believed you weren't injured when you first spoke to the insurance company.

In some instances, an experienced law firm can help to overcome a potentially harmful statement.

43. "You failed to give proper and timely notice to governmental entities, so your claim is barred."

When you attempt to recover from a governmental entity, e.g., the City of Albuquerque, it is absolutely critical that you file the proper tort claim notices within the designated time period so as not to be barred from any potential recovery. However, never accept the insurance company's accusation that you failed to meet these obligations without first speaking to a qualified attorney.

A qualified New Mexico attorney should be able to fully explain to you the time limits and requirements of filing a proper tort claim notice.

44. "An act of God or unidentified person was responsible for the accident."

Hit and run accidents are all too common. Even if the other driver is never identified, you may still be able to make a recovery. Read more about hit and run accidents here.

45. "You were talking on your cell phone at the time of the accident."

With the exception of novice drivers, New Mexico has no restrictions on cell phone usage (talking or texting) while driving. Even if you were using your cell phone at the time of the accident, it still may be possible to recover compensation.

46. "Our policy doesn't cover punitive damages."

In addition to recovering money for medical bills, lost wages, and pain & suffering (compensatory damages), our Albuquerque attorneys are experienced at recovering punitive damages on behalf of our clients. If you’ve been hit by a reckless driver, such as a drunk driver, you may be entitled to recover punitive damages. Punitive damages are different from compensatory damages. In New Mexico, Punitive damages are designed to punish the at-fault driver for reckless conduct. Our attorneys have the knowledge necessary to evaluate your case and determine whether you are entitled to additional money because of reckless behavior on the part of the person who injured you.

47. "You don't have insurance, therefore you don't deserve to recover."

While we stress the importance of having your own auto insurance policy, not having an insurance policy of your own does not bar you from recovery. If that other driver was at fault for the accident, you are still entitled to compensation.

48. "You admitted fault at the accident scene."

It is not uncommon to apologize after an accident. "I'm sorry, are you ok?" is probably one of the first things that come to your mind. This does not mean that you admitted fault.

49. "Our insured isn't cooperating and we can't settle your claim until we speak to them."

It isn't unreasonable for the insurance company to want to get their insured's side of the story before they pay you. However, you may not have to wait until they speak to them before you can get the ball rolling on your claim, especially if you have insurance of your own.

50. "You over-treated for your injuries."

Only a medical professional can be the judge of whether or not you are over-treating for your injuries. We always advise you to follow your doctor's orders and treat accordingly.


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The one 07/16/2014 02:26 AM
I was told I could not produce an independant witness for my theft claim. Then was denied but have yet received it in writing. And the adjuster said she refuses to answer any of my questions. What do I do? Can I still get my claim won some way? Help
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Adriana 08/12/2014 04:53 PM
The insureance of the other perso who hit me wont file a claim because their insured person has not filed a claim.what can I do?
Post A Reply
john 12/01/2014 05:23 PM
I was recently in a small collision no injury but the girl was backing around my motel building when I was backing out of my spot I'm on a policy with my girl friend and the girl who I had collision with was drunk and ask me not to call police so when we was supose to exchange info she got mine and peal off when she got in her car to get hers wasn't sure what to do but wasn't any damage to my vehicle and thinking my insurance company would get my statement I just went on to work when they called my girlfreind she told them I had called her and thought that we had backed into each other but gave my name and number even though I'm already on policy but they ask so she gave the information but they never called me but a month later they are cancel our insurance and say that my girlfriend said we admitted to being at fault although we didn't we she ask the lady about it that was handle the claim she had wrote my name down as Josef and said she didn't get my number is their anything I can do my insurance is going to be threw the roof if I can even find someone to accept me now and would like to get this straight I was just being nice and didn't want to see what I thought was a sweet girl go to jail and loose her liscence now its coming back to haunt us
Post A Reply
john 12/01/2014 06:12 PM
Is their any way to get a claim reevaluated after it been paid due to the negligence of claim adjuster
Post A Reply
Matthew Jones 12/03/2014 12:52 PM
I have prior injuries that I'm being treated for since 03/22/2012, November 21, 2014 I was a passenger when I was ejected from the bus seat
Post A Reply
p walsh 01/12/2015 07:24 PM
Our insured had accident and was at fault. Insurer neglected to put liability on his polcy and is denying claim.
Post A Reply
Yolanda 02/27/2015 11:10 AM
I was in an accident and they said I ran a red light and the insured turned on a red light. I am I partially liable?
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Nicole 03/03/2015 01:55 AM
I panicked and claimed fault for an auto accident. The next day I realized I wasn't at fault. The police report was amended and insurance companies were contacted. My insurance did a street investigation and determined in fact I was not at fault and denied the other drivers claim. The other insurance denied my claim because the story changed. The only thing that changed was that I now claimed not to be at fault. Can they just deny my claim for that reason or should they have evidence to support they believe their insured? I know they don't because clearly upon investigation of the accident it was the other drivers fault, I just panicked and was distraught.
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mrs.q 03/16/2015 01:30 PM
I was in a car accident on 9/13/2012. I was very stiff the next day. Went to doctor's office had MRI done on my neck and back. I seen a physical therapist and chiropractor. Within a few months I was fine. A man ran the light a drunk driver of coarse... Just by the grace of God everyone was OK. But now that I was in another car accident I'm now suffering from a bulged disc and a pinched nerve in the right arm. I was sitting at a red light when this lady hit me from behind. I read her lips say oh shit before she hit me. She offered me 100 dollars for my troubles. I refused her offer as we waited 3 1/2 hours waiting on the police. I lost my job in the process and still currently on doctors orders not to return to work until the 20th of this month.. Her insurance is saying because the minor extent of damage this accident I shouldn't be in as much pain.wat the wat? I have an attorney but it seems like he's agreeing with the insurance company. He suggests I go back to work although i'm still in pain. To the point it sends a numbing sensation down my a which causes my right hand to tingle. It shows that from last car accident and this one that the pain that i'm dealing with is because of this wreck but the insurance company doesn't want to except liability for their actions of their client. What do I do
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Arthur VJR. 03/21/2015 10:19 PM
I made a left turn exiting a gas station, or tried to, because as I poured through stopped traffic that was heading east, and I wanted to go to the west a car heading east comming down the west bound lane and that o couldn't see because of the large vehicles that were stopped in the east bound lane obscured my view, collided with my car. I hit the top of my head really hard. Do.c says. Got pinched nerves in neck And spinal damage there two. This happened 3 1/2 months ago. The other persons insurance says that there are coverage issues with the driver of the other vehicle. What's this mean? My lAwer says maybe the other driver wAsnt the person who had signed that vehicle out at he company or organization who owned the car. I don't know. No one will tell me I don't know who owns the car or wats going on. Insurance of the car owner won't make a decision about the coverage issues. So now I can't use my uninsured motorist coverage cuz the other moterist imight be insured. They haven't decided. 3 1/2 months. Oh ya now I'm getting a lot of medical bills maybe collections soon
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Kealley 04/09/2015 08:54 PM
I was in a small accident on my street, on my way home from work, with a fellow neighbor. She was pulling out of her driveway when I was coming down the street, well we ended up colliding, my front corner on my driver's side and her driver's back panel. Well she had no damage but I did. She said it was her fault at the accident, but ended up changing the story when she called the insurance company and blamed me, claiming that she was already out in the street fully and I hit her. But she wasn't completely out, and no damage. Until a week later, clear damage to her driver's door appears and it switches up the story even more. And now I'm being blamed because her "damage" shows a different story. I don't know how to prove I'm being framed, since I didn't take pictures of her car at the accident, but they did (those magically disappeared). Also the adjuster said it wasn't my fault when she came to look at my car. I need serious help, because I don't need to be blamed for something I didn't do.
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alondra 04/22/2015 12:14 AM
I was at a red stop light waiting for my light to turn green. A car was making a left turn onto my street and hit me on my left front side along to my door. My battery was cracked open spilling the acid and my tire was airing out. Which cause for us to have get it towed back to my house. The police was called but now the other driver is saying he won't take liability because he almost got tbone making the left turn. I have already missed 3 days of work and cannot afford anymore. I have had to get my own rental as well. At the scene I did complain about my knee and went to the urgent care the next day and as well to the er last night for my lower back pain
Post A Reply
Nancy 05/11/2015 02:25 PM
Went to emergency. Couple of times went to primary. Dr. And they wont take 3rd. Party accidents it out of pocket cost I'm on a fixed income and have pain to my hip they want to settle at.$2500.00 what if I pay more for treatment once I settle then in screwed.
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Terry 05/20/2015 07:03 PM
A lady turned left into the lane i was driving in . Both of us was driving west bound and she was a little ahead of me in the right lane i in the left lane . She turnd at an intersection and stopped . I slamed on my brakes and slid about 20 feet on dry concret . My question . Will her insurance pay for my tires . The tires have flat spots on them and my car fills like Im driving on a gravel road all the time and car wants to pull to the left now.
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Ji Zhou Dong 10/25/2015 06:34 AM
Car accident with 100% fault of other by police report. But the adjuster pays 90% of the estimated value by their insurance. How to defend to receive 100% coverage and also receive an independent estimation? Thanks
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lynda 10/30/2015 03:44 PM
I was in an accident almost five years ago. The accident was not my fault. The lady that was at fault went through a yellow flashing arrow and I had a green light. My car was totalled I was briefly unconscious so I have no memory of the collision itself. Went to the hospital by ambulance treated and released. Had alot of pain so went to the chiropractor and did have pain medication. Was very fearful of being in a car and around traffic. I have never been able to return to driving. For over three months I was sleeping from 12-17 hours a day couldn't stay awake. Dizzy and bad balance vision wasn't good. Ringing in my ears totally on high alert all the time. I went to get help with the fears I was, going through and the anxiety and depression and phobias I had. I my doctor said a few months after the accident after taking tests and talking that I had post concussion syndrum and ptsd. I had an attorney but I don't any more. I just didn't have the ability to communicate with him or much of anyone for that matter. Had no one to really help me through this very dark time. I no longer have independence and dignity is gone, reliant on my husband because I don't have an attorney I felt forced to talk to the other insurance company. Because I've had a history of depression they dismissed any and all emotional issues. They dismissed the pain and suffering the tramitic accident took away my ability to drive and be independent. I can't enjoy anything anymore. I'm tired of the life changing things I've had to go through only to be hurt more by them minimizing everything. I don't know what to do.they are really getting away with alot. Is there anything I can still do or do they just flat out win and I just sit here and stare out of the window the rest of my life?
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john 11/04/2015 12:51 AM
I was recently in an accident where a CDL truck driver was driving a small dump truck he pulled out in front of me when I changed lanes to get out of his Lane he veered in my lane the accident was found to be his fault and he was ticketed but my insurance policy cancelled two days before does his insurance company still have to pay for my lost vehicle also I am NOT seeking any medical or anything like that
Post A Reply
Kelly Gray 11/05/2015 02:00 AM
If the inc company determined a percentage of at fault by my statement and photos and other driver cited by police never looked at my vehicle havent seen police report basically had their mind made up befoe they even talked to me ask me questions then when I tryed to answer say to me im not done asking u. The question and says im interuting her then dosent let me answer the question she asking because now its 3 questions in one says im 30 % at fault because I wasnt looking and trying to avoid a posable accedent says they have finale say asked for medation they dont do medation my inc says I only have liability so they wont pay to do arbitration she said they have finale say what should my inc company be doing on my behalfe they say hes 100% fault
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carla 01/07/2016 09:29 PM
Accident date Dec 9th 2014 Someone it my car (car collision of 3) It was a hit and run a paralegal came out took pictures and told me to get an estimate from KIA I memorized the tag and his insurance (GEICO) my lawyer said I can file an unmotorized claim. They said everything else was going well just to be patient. Then two months later my car was totaled (t boned). I was always checking up on my compensation because I really thought I everything was good. then I got really impatient and called and they said since my car was totaled and gone that they aren't compensating me. I really can't get paid ? That accident has nothing to do with the second one. Any advice? Are they playing me? What should I do? thanks
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Danny 01/13/2016 03:32 PM
I was involved in an accident with a drunk driver, now his insurance is refusing to pay due to some small print technicality BS in the policy that the other driver has. Is there anything I can do about this.
Post A Reply
Jade 01/15/2016 05:10 PM
insurance company calls my doctor's office to ask how long they will treat me? Please advice.
Post A Reply
Christina Willard 01/29/2016 01:21 PM
I was in a parking lot car accident I wasnt driving we hit someone in the back so my driver was infault this happened 1/6/16 I didnt go to the doctor intill 1/26/16 insurance company told me it was too long and only thing they could give me was $300 for being in the car because waitied too long to go to the doctor and was only a minor car wreck
Post A Reply
Rani 03/07/2016 12:45 PM
I was in accident I do have injury and was told I couldn't receive pain an suffering because I didn't have insurance and the one who hit me was clearly at fault tell me how to put up a good fight
Post A Reply
pat ochoa 04/07/2016 12:49 PM
I was involved in an accident not being my fault on 3/3/16 and its 4/7/16 and still her insurance claims that they cant get in touch with her. i am still waiting for someone to help me from Usaa
Post A Reply
Denise 07/28/2016 01:48 PM
I was in an accident in California rear ended at a left red signal while stopped waiting for light to change she was going 40 mph totaled my truck did not have insurance at the time of accident the insured did not have proper insurance information either. Neither of us received tickets She came up with proper insurance info I did not I know I can not legally receive pain and suffering but I have received property damage and adjuster has asked me for medical report and medical bills and loss of wages She just asked for social security number and I stated that I would not give my permission to them to medical release Can I get pun stove damages here in California
Post A Reply
Debra Payn 09/18/2016 02:58 PM
I have a fried whose motorcycle was legally parked in the street and a girl ran over it and hit another truck also. My friend has liability only. When confronting the girl's insurance company they say they wont pay because she has gaps in her insurance. What can he do?
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Terri 12/10/2016 12:28 PM
sitting at a red light when we were hit in the rearend. I was in the backseat and my back and neck were injured. The insurance co. is trying to say the impact wasn't hard enough to cause the injuries I received. What do I do to prove these injuries were caused by this accident?
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Terri 12/10/2016 12:32 PM
sitting at a red light when we were hit in the rearend. I was in the backseat and my back and neck were injured. The insurance co. is trying to say the impact wasn't hard enough to cause the injuries I received. What do I do to prove these injuries were caused by this accident?
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Wade BROWN 02/07/2018 02:25 AM
I was involved in a accident and the guy who hit me, his Ins says that are at fault. So I’m getting a check for property damage. But, during the recording interview I told her I was not injured in the wreck. After that I ask her “is this my Ins or the guy at faults Ins”. Now I’m having back pain. Can I still collect on bodily injury? I really did think I was talking to my INS. Later in the conversation I mentioned to her that I was having back pain and I was going to dr.
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Haider Aftab Abbasi 05/22/2020 05:39 AM
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