For 8 years, Keller & Keller has partnered with the University of New Mexico Law School to grant scholarship funds to first-year law students who have demonstrated the desire to further their legal education. Each year, a total of $12,000 is awarded, and we're proud to announce 2020's winners here!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 Keller & Keller Law School Challenge!

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Kevin E. Garcia

Keller & Keller 2020 Law School Scholarship Recipient Kevin E. GarciaI was raised in the small town of Belen, New Mexico. I graduated from UNM with Bachelor's Degree in Sociology Pre-law and Political Science. During my undergraduate education I had the opportunity to intern at the 2nd and 1th Judicial District Attorney's Office. It was these internships that helped me realize I wanted to go to law school.

A legal education would allow me to help people in my community that have suffered the most heinous of experiences. I am sincerely grateful for receiving the Keller & Keller scholarship, the assistance it provided me has been tremendous.


Jacqueline N. Martinez

Keller & Keller 2020 Law School Scholarship Recipient Jacqueline N. MartinezI was born and raised in Roswell, NM before moving to Albuquerque in 2014. I come from a household of 7 children and love spending time with my family (My father is a UNM school of Law grad).

I graduated from UNM in 2018 with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. During my undergrad, I worked on a research team for the UNM engingeering school where we developed and designed an "Independent Transfer for Patients with Compromised Lower Limb Functionality: Rolling Slide Board." This is designed with multiple attachments for individuals with little mobility to move about more independently.

Before attending law school, I traveled to China to teach young children in an underdeveloped community where they washed their clothes in a local pond. I enjoyed my time there and am eager to become an advocate for those in need. I am an active member of the Girl Scouts of America and help with cookie sales and various other activities.

I am beyond thankful for the aid from Keller & Keller LLC and await the day that I can help the community as much as it has me.

Alexis S. Mena

Keller & Keller 2020 Law School Scholarship Recipient Alexis S. MenaI am a first-generation college graduate and a lifelong New Mexican. I am fiercely passionate about working toward political representation that mirrors our diverse population.

I believe that seeing other who look like you in positions of influence is one of the most powerful experiences we can give ourselves, and our youth. Much of my previous and current work involves helping women of color run for elected office - and WIN!

I am the 1L Representative for the Student Trial Lawyers Association. I am beyond grateful for the support of the Keller & Keller Scholarship!

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