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  • Seven-year-old Samantha Allen's accident left her with a C-1 spinal cord injury that changed her life. It also would change the lives of others in a big way.

    Samantha Allen was 7-years-old when she was struck by an oncoming car that failed to see her as she attempted to cross the street to play with her sister and another friend at a neighbor’s home. The impact was severe, throwing Samantha an estimated 50 to 70 feet through the air before she hit the ground. The resulting injuries were traumatic, and would require the help of a spinal cord injury lawyer. Samantha was rushed to Riley’s ICU where it was discovered that she had suffered a C-1 spinal cord injury (similar to that of the famous actor and spinal cord injury activist Christopher Reeves) and broken femur requiring ORIF, among several other non-life threatening injuries. The damage inflicted by the C-1 injury upon Samantha’s spine was so severe that she would require ongoing medical treatment for the rest of her life. There were several factors that were sure to make the Allens’ case extremely complicated, some of which included liability concerns, limited insurance coverage to adequately compensate the family, and the inevitable costs that would be associated with Samantha’s ongoing, lifetime care. Keller & Keller made use of the firm’s resources to locate potential sources of recovery, and after months of building Samantha’s case, her case settled. In most instances this is usually where our involvement in a case comes to a conclusion. This wasn’t a usual case. Throughout the duration of the case, Jim Keller would often find himself thinking about Samantha and her family. He knew no amount of compensation would ever justify the Allens’ experience and he wanted to do something special for the young girl and her family. And knowing that Samantha would require in-house therapy and the aid of a fully-motorized scooter for the rest of her life, it seemed as if she and her family had suddenly outgrown their existing home. The result? The Samantha’s House Foundation. 

  • "Very professional, hard-working, and dedicated..."

    Video Transcription: Hi, I’m Dionna M., and this is my story. My family contacted Keller & Keller because I was in a bad trucking accident and I needed legal help. They made me feel warm, they made me feel like I mattered, they made me feel like “we’re going to take care of this for you.” Every time I contacted Keller & Keller, I dealt, they… I was priority. I felt like a priority. I was not bounced around from person to person to person. I dealt with who I called and they were always available when I called. Any questions that I had, they had an answer for it. They took care of everything for me. They took care of getting all the information that they needed for the case. I had to do nothing, and they kept me in the loop of every single thing that they needed to do. The top three things that impressed me about Keller & Keller was how down to earth everybody was—how everybody was just so nice, and so helpful. Very professional, hard-working, dedicated… Just I’m glad that I met everybody, and I know that this is like a life-long type friendship for me. Ya’ know, just keep in contact with everybody here, and that’s for real.

  • "...Having come to Keller & Keller, the burden was lifted..."

    Jill's previous two attempts at obtaining Social Security Disability had been met with denial. At a loss for next steps, she decided that hiring an Indianapolis disability benefits lawyer might be her only chance.  As Jill explained to us during her first call, she had worked the majority of her life and was now unable to complete day-to-day tasks that would allow her to remain employed. After listening to Jill, and seeing that she had been denied benefits, not once, but twice, our Indianapolis Social Security disability lawyers believed it was possible that we could help her. Video transcription: “I’m Jill Savage and this is my story. Having filed on my own and being denied twice, I knew that without legal counsel, good legal counsel, it was just gonna’ be a waste of time. Looking through all of your materials available online, talking to other friends, and I just felt that uh you, uh, had the resources no matter how long it took. You could get me to the finish line. At every juncture of the process, the paralegals, everyone involved, were more than thorough. I never had any questions. It was just matter of fact, straight to the point, and taken care of. They were thorough, compassionate, tender, assertive, and I just felt like part of the club when I got here. Keller & Keller just made me feel like family, just one of the family. The hearing was an absolute shock. The judge actually called in the Keller & Keller counsel of mine and said we’d like to offer you a settlement. I nearly fainted. The thing I wanna’ impress most upon anyone who has found out that they are disabled forever: You still have your life. You still have things to live for. And having come to Keller & Keller, that burden was lifted, so I was able to go ahead and take what was left of me and make it the best I can be.

  • "They stick with the whole process and inform you every day if something happens. It went real smooth and I couldn't ask for anything better."

    Mike and Rose Dillman had been married for 18 years when a semi-truck rear-ended his wife’s truck, pushing her into the back of another semi-truck and killing her instantly. Moments before the accident, Mike had been following Rose in his own vehicle but had fallen a bit behind her due to the congestion of rush hour traffic on Indianapolis’s I-65. When he saw that traffic was stopping because of an accident a short distance ahead, he sensed something wasn’t right. And when he saw his wife’s truck crushed between the two semis, his fears were confirmed. Mike demanded accountability on the part of the at-fault party, and his background in law enforcement taught him that having a reputable attorney perform a professional investigation would be critical to the positive outcome of the wrongful death case he now needed to pursue. After meeting with Mike, listening to the sequence of events from his perspective, and performing an immediate investigation, we were confident in our ability handle this case on his behalf. Video Transcription: My name is Michael Dillman and this is my story. Well, my wife of 18 years was killed in a semi-accident. She was hit from behind. It was a very traumatic accident, and hard to deal with. Being an ex-police officer I knew the importance of getting the proper representation. My father recommended me to Keller & Keller. He had seen some of the newspaper articles about how well Keller & Keller was in the community. The folks at Keller & Keller put me at ease right from the start. Beginning with the secretary at the front office, she guided me everywhere I needed to go and gave me the people that I needed to talk to. And Jennifer my paralegal was absolutely outstanding from the first meeting we had. They have a whole team that you talk to instead of just one attorney. You have a paralegal that’s available to you 24-hours a day if you have questions, and they stick with the whole process and inform you every day if something happens. It went real smooth and I couldn’t ask for anything better.

  • "You brought not only confidence demonstrating your ability, but you gave me confidence."

    “Hello, my name is Charles Burton and this is my story. I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was 18-years-old. I am now 47. I had a major motorcycle accident, and fortunately for me, I survived. There did come a time when I had to choose an attorney. This was after my hospital stay, I was convalescing at home, ok, and I conducted an interview of several law firms. My third interview was a gentleman by the name of Jim Keller. I was just so impressed. I was so impressed by this interview, first and foremost with the confidence that you brought. You brought not only confidence demonstrating your ability, but you gave me confidence. And it came down to me making a decision between Keller & Keller and another law firm. And I mulled over it, I ruminated, I marinated, all night long on this decision. And it came down to your preparation. That was the most impressive thing. It stood you apart from all the rest. It was your preparation. You delivered assurance to me that you were going to represent me, and not only represent me because that is what you do, but represent me because you cared. You gave me the impression that you actually cared, and you wanted to see me justly compensated for the negligence, for my injuries, for the whole experience. These guys, you know, they are serious. And I want to congratulate Keller & Keller. I want to compliment Keller & Keller for doing such a great job on my case, and I had, you know, a tricky case. I am very happy of the outcome, and you even went an extra mile, ok, to see to it that I was justly treated. Not only will I choose Keller & Keller again, but I will refer and recommend Keller & Keller to any and everyone I know. If anyone comes to me and asks me for a law firm to represent their personal injury case, I will most definitely give you a five, no I’ll give you an eight-star. Yes, most definitely."

  • "When I had questions, they always had answers, and there was never anything they couldn't help me with."

    Chali was living at a local Indianapolis apartment complex when she suffered injury due to the property owner’s negligence. Her injuries were severe and would require months of treatment. The first call to our office came from Chali’s mother. She needed an injury attorney who was local to Indianapolis, and after listening to her version of the events surrounding her daughter’s accident, we immediately believed it to be a case with which we could help—we also knew it would be a case would be anything but ordinary. Because premise liability cases in the state of Indiana are extremely difficult to win, we knew that speed and an aggressive attack would be key to winning Chali’s case. With that in mind, we began building her case the moment she hired us. Now this will show as edited Content. Our investigation began with an immediate background check so that we could construct a detailed chronology and mapping of prior incidents associated with property. In addition, we secured key photographs and the assistance of a professional investigator to uncover evidence for Chali’s case. Months of legal work built a case for Chali that we believed the insurance company would have a difficult time defending. In fact, it had always been our belief that without an attorney, she would have had trouble making a recovery on her own. In the end, Chali was able to focus on her total recovery while her Indianapolis injury attorney handled the day-to-day business of her injury claim, and the final settlement proved to be most acceptable. Video Transcription: “Hi, I’m Chali and this is my story. There was a time in my life because of somebody else’s negligence that I needed a lawyer. When I called Keller & Keller, they were very understanding. They set up a consultation. I came in with my family and, you know, we sat down and talked. They’re very nice people, very understanding, helped me through the whole thing, and made sure that, you know, we kept on fighting until we got what we wanted. When I had questions, they always had the answers, and there was never nothing that they couldn’t help me with. The best thing to me was the close relationships that I had with the people that worked here. The fact that they fought to get what you wanted, until the very end. They kept going and going. I was very pleased with the end result. It was more than what I expected. If I ever needed legal help again I would definitely recommend Keller & Keller.

  • "I want to sincerely express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks to your law firm and to Keith Gora. He personally gave my case his best."

    Denise was driving eastbound on State Road 62 (SR 62) in Madison, Indiana, approaching Franks Drive at the same time a westbound driver on SR 62 was also approaching Franks Drive. The westbound driver attempted to turn left onto Franks Drive, failing to yield the right of way to Denise, causing a high-speed collision. Denise suffered three (3) metacarpal fractures in her left hand as well as a puncture wound to her left leg and fractures to her right and left elbows. Denise was an LPN at the time of her accident, studying to be an RN, and immediately went to the other vehicle to try and help one of the passengers in the adverse vehicle who suffered traumatic injuries after striking the car’s windshield. Despite her efforts, and those of the emergency responders, the woman’s injuries proved fatal. Denise suffered extreme emotional distress as a result of witnessing the woman’s passing. Denise would undergo months of treatment and therapy for her injuries as well as counseling for the emotional trauma caused by the accident. Denise began to look at her options after realizing the insurance company may try to limit her claim based on liability disputes often associated with intersection-style accidents. She also knew that her injuries were serious enough that it would probably make good sense to at least consult with some attorneys. After speaking with one of our attorneys to get an opinion on her case, she immediately signed our contingent fee retainer agreement and became a client. Ultimately, we were able to settle her case. Transcribed letter from client: Mr. Keller 2850 North Meridian St. Indianapolis, IN 46208   Dear Mr. Keller: I want to sincerely express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks to your law firm and to Keith Gora. He personally gave my case his best. I was the victim in a terrible, fatal car accident that put me out of work, and on assistance to live when my marriage almost failed due to the hardships we were enduring. Medical bills piled up and my student loan was in default, which meant that after a long year of healing and restoration and passing the tests to get into nursing school—I could not get the loan to attend. I am an LPN returning to school for an Associate Degree of Science in Nursing to be a Registered Nurse. This was my last chance to do this, as all of my previous classes would be past the timeline if I waited just one more semester to start. Keith Gora at Keller & Keller in Indianapolis, IN worked long hours and gave my case top priority.  On 4/14/09 @ 9:00 a.m. I pulled into Nursing School on my first day of orientation with $200.00 borrowed, to pay for uniforms, with tears in my eyes not knowing how I ws going to pay for school. At 9:27 a.m. my fervent prayers were answered! As I was about to get out of the car and go into school, Keith called, and with my authorization, settled the case with the insurance company for more than enough money to pay for school tuition and books! His diligence and dedication to his job and this client has been such a blessing to my education, my marriage and my life! My student ID at the top of this letter is only in existence because of God leading me to Keller & Keller and Keith Gora and his excellent faithfulness to his service as a legal representative. God Bless You All And Thank you from the Bottom of my Heart, Denise A

  • "It felt like they just wanted to take care of me and put me at ease, and you know, help me out with what I really needed as a person."

    Brianna was 17-years-old when she was attacked by a dog. The attack lasted seconds, but the injuries she received were serious, requiring stitches, surgery, and ongoing follow-up care. Because of her age at the time of the incident, it was Brianna’s parents who first contacted our office. After listening to the Foster’s version of the events surrounding their daughter’s dog bite, it became immediately clear that this was a case we could handle and ultimately make our clients very happy with the end results. Indiana’s dog bite laws, and the aggressive way insurance companies defend these cases, would make it critical for Brianna’s case to be presented in a convincing and professional manner. This meant that our investigation of her claim would require methodical documentation of her injury as well as certified medical records of her existing treatment. In addition, we coordinated an evaluation with a plastic surgeon that provided substantial value based on the long-term treatment and correction of her scarring. We were ultiamtely able to settle Brianna’s case and hold the insurance company of the dog owner accountable. Video Transcription: “Hi, my name is Brianna Foster and this is my story. My story started with me being attacked by a dog when I turned 17, and I was left scarred emotionally and physically, and I realized at that point that I needed a lawyer. My first encounter was Keller & Keller was very good. The people were very warm. You know, when I came in, it was just very comforting to me, it felt as if it wasn’t more like a business deal. It felt like they just wanted to take care of me and put me at ease and, you know, help me out with what I really needed as a person. They kinda’ put me at ease with giving, with my entire story. I didn’t want to have to relive everything. I kinda’ just could give them all the details of my case and they took care of everything for me. I didn’t have to relive the entire story. I felt like I could always ask any questions, but I felt completely and totally comfortable that my situation was gonna’ be taken care of. And if I really did have any questions, I would be able to go back, and you know, question about it and get the full answer that I needed and then just kind of turn everything over to them, and I felt like everything would kind of be taken care of for me. I would definitely use Keller & Keller again.”

  • Keller and Keller was a godsend to me. In September 2018 I was almost killed by a semi truck and was injured badly. The firm I hired didn't do their job. After a few days of negotiations they told me to take the money offered or find a new law firm...

    Keller and Keller was a godsend to me. In September 2018 I was almost killed by a semi truck and was injured badly. The firm I hired didn't do their job. After a few days of negotiations they told me to take the money offered or find a new law firm. I contacted Keller and Keller, laid out my claim and what happened with the other firm. They took my case. The difference was night and day. They stayed in contact with me every month as they finished the job my other law firm failed to complete. They explained everything along the way. When negotiations started they explained more. I ended up with double the amount the other firm told me to take it or leave it. So happy I left it! Thank you so much to everyone at Keller and Keller. And a special thank you to Keith. You guys are all amazing there!

    Amber R.
  • My family called them after a motorcycle accident because I was in a coma...

    My family called them after a motorcycle accident because I was in a coma. Keller and Keller helped me get on SSI and got me money from my accident..Thanks guys, you have been helping the last 4 years to help me get what I deserve...

    Amy Bain
  • My father was involved in a very bad truck accident over two years ago and living in New York and having the accident occur in Indianapolis was very hard...

    THE ABSOLUTE BEST. Had the pleasure to work with Randall Juergensen and his team on my father's case. Randy and his team knew exactly what to do and which direction to point us in throughout the whole process, he was very patient with us and helped us with everything throughout every single step of the way. My father was involved in a very bad truck accident over two years ago and living in New York and having the accident occur in Indianapolis was very hard for New York lawyers to work on or even do anything because of the laws that apply to two different states. We were worried on what will happen to my dads case and that is when our lawyers in NY recommend Keller and Keller. When we were contacted by Keller and Keller they made us feel very comfortable working with them, knew what needed to be done, pointed us throughout every single step of the way and most importantly they made us feel like we mattered, we felt that we were going to be taken care of and that they will fight for my father and make sure he’s well taken care of. Every time I contacted Keller & Keller or they contacted us they always made sure that we were priority. I was not bounced around from one person to another and we always dealt with who we called and they were always available when we called. All questions that we had, they had an answer for it. They took care of everything for us, they made sure on getting all the information that they needed for the case, they kept us in the loop of every single thing that they needed to do and always made sure everything was done on time. We are very GRATEFUL that we got to work with such an amazing team and DEFINITELY recommend Keller and Keller to anyone that needs help. THANK YOU GUYS FOR ALL THAT YOU DO. A HUGE THANK YOU TO RANDY, AMY, MICHAEL, AMANDA, JIM, and EVERYONE ELSE WHO WORKED ON THIS CASE.

    Yuliya Melnik
  • My attorney made sure the settlement covered all bills. I was very happy with the end result of the settlement.

    I was involved in a car accident and was rear ended by an inattentive driver of a utility van. Being out of state, my father did some research on local personal injury law firms and we contacted Keller & Keller. We scheduled a meeting and met an attorney and paralegal. They were very honest and helpful, willing to work with me even though I was studying and living abroad...(extra work). The aftermath of the accident required that I have two surgeries ..and after undergoing them I had complications, including an emergency room visit and two weeks of intensive care. My attorney made sure the settlement covered all bills. I was very happy with the end result of the settlement. If I would ever be in a car accident again (hopefully never again) I would definitely contact Keller & Keller as they went over and above my expectations. The paralegal Jennifer and attorney Matt were outstanding in performance, professionalism and care. After my case was closed, I was having trouble with my credit score as a lot of the medical bills where sent over to the collection agency. Not knowing what to do or having any prior experience, I called Keller & Keller back... they not only resolved the situation and sent copies of the payed bills, but they made sure everything was cleared. They didn't have to do that at all, so I am very thankful for the whole team that worked on my case and did much more than was asked of them.

    Katya Russell