Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers Serving all of Indiana, Michigan, and New Mexico.

Semi-truck accidents are different. Not only do semi-truck accidents often result in catastrophic injuries, but the trucking companies have deep pockets and a legal team behind them. Their insurance company will aggressively defend these cases and do whatever they can to limit their liability. Semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles make up a large percentage of traffic throughout the United States. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there were approximately 510,000 police-reported crashes involving large trucks in 2019, and almost 30% of those resulted in injury.

There are many important factors to investigate with truck accidents including scene investigation and insurance investigation. At Keller & Keller, our team has been fighting the big insurance companies since 1936 and we will not stand down. In addition to our zero fee guarantee and executive treatment at Keller & Keller, our truck accident experience will be critical to your case. Our knowledge of the special laws regulating semi-trucks and their drivers as well as our ability to locate the potential of “multiple policies” is what sets us apart.