Keller & Keller handles several types of personal injury claims, and we represent clients throughout all of Indiana, Michigan and New Mexico.

Keller & Keller first started helping people with their personal injury claims in 1936. Today, we continue to assist clients throughout Indiana, Michigan and New Mexico on a variety of case types. And with each client, no matter how big or small the case, our goal remains the same: to provide friendly, expert representation while working to obtain the highest possible level of compensation. 

A serious injury can change your life forever. We've seen it all--families torn apart from the loss of a loved one; a young person's loss of use in their legs; a child scarred by a vicious dog attack; a victim of a construction site safety violation; an elderly person being refused deserved social security disability benefits, etc. No matter the case type, each cleint will have different needs, case facts that are uniqie to their specific claim, and injuries that demand aggressive representation. 

It's an unfortunate truth, but most everyone with a personal injury claim will experience permanent disabilities, lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical debt. For these reasons it's vital that you find an experienced, well-known, and successful personal injury attorney to assist you in the handling of your claim. 

When you call Keller & Keller you will speak to an attorney that can answer your questions and provide general advice for your particular case type. We never charge for our advice and the only way our firm receives a fee for the handling of your case is if we make a recovery from the insurance company on your behalf.