The types of devices used by doctors vary widely based on a patient’s individual need, and often times, the procedure will improve a person’s life. However, there are times when medical devices fail, such as when a hip replacement device proves defective or a transvaginal mesh procedure causes permanent injury. What happens in these cases?

Quite simply, when a device is improperly designed (or not thoroughly tested), the medical company needs to be held accountable for the injuries and pain and suffering they have caused a person.

Were You Injured by One of These Devices?

Keller & Keller's is currently speaking to prospective clients who were injured or lost a loved one to any of the following products:

If the medical device that caused you injury is not listed above, it’s still possible that we can help. If you call our staff with the name of the device that injured you, we can quickly determine whether or not it’s a potential claim our network can handle.