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Keller & Keller is one of Indiana's most recognized and experienced personal injury law firms. Our Indianapolis personal injury attorney team handles cases statewide while maintaining an exclusive focus on cases that involve serious injury from car accidentswrongful death claimssemi-truck accidentsnursing home abuse, among many others.

How Our Experienced Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorneys Fight for You

No injury case is simple, and no two cases are ever the same. For this reason, we use our professional resources in our attempt to build the strongest possible case on your behalf, which may include:

  • Hiring private investigators.
  • Securing and placing a legal hold on all evidence.
  • Tracking down witnesses.
  • Retain expert testimony from doctors and accident reconstruction specialists.
  • Performing asset checks on defendants.
  • Working with economists to calculate loss of earning potential.
  • Calling on plastic surgeons for scar evaluation and future treatment options.

We’ve witnessed too many people trying to handle injury claims without the assistance of a qualified personal injury lawyer. Don’t make this same mistake--you can lose everything.

The Top Three Most Important Factors in Your Indiana Personal Injury Case

  • Injuries. The more serious your injuries are, the higher your medical expenses will be, and the more your claim will be worth. A permanent disability has a much bigger financial impact than a broken bone or soft tissue injury. So the biggest accident claim payouts you see are almost always for catastrophic injuries.
  • InsuranceYou can’t get blood from a stone, as they say. If the person responsible for your crash is uninsured or carries Indiana’s minimum insurance amounts, what you can get in a settlement will be limited. It’s likely that your own insurance will cover some of your medical expenses, but it probably won’t cover other damages.
  • Legal representationCar accident victims who work with a personal injury attorney to settle a claim or file a lawsuit generally end up with more compensation than people who choose to work directly with the insurance company on their own. While it doesn’t usually pay to hire an attorney for a minor injury, when you require emergency room treatment and hospitalization following a car crash, an attorney can make a big difference in the outcome of your claim.

Assuming these three factors come into play in your case—you were seriously injured, the at-fault driver has decent insurance, and you have hired a lawyer—there are still things you can do to maximize the value of your claim.

No matter the circumstances or complexity of your case, we offer all of our clients in Indiana a Zero Fee Guarantee, meaning you'll never pay for a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys, and the only way we receive money for our legal services is if a recovery is made on your behalf.