The DePuy Orthopedics hip implant lawsuit has given rise to several new studies that have placed the manufacturer under scrutiny for their business practices as well as the quality of their products.

New concerns about metal-on-metal hip implant devices, such as DePuy's ASR device, have encouraged patients to consult with lawyers who are pursuing hip implant lawsuits. In turn, hip implant lawyers have been advising their clients to confirm the type of implant received and consult with a doctor if they are experiencing pain in the area, or if they feel as though they are experiencing any type of reaction to the device.

(The metal-on-metal construction of the hip implants has been known to generate shards of metal particles in the patients' body as the device wears over time.  It is believed the debris that is left behind has the potential to produce higher than normal levels of metallic ions in a person's body.)

DePuy has also been accused of not properly researching or testing specific devices, thus another concern surrounding some of their metal-on-metal devices are their propensity to break down at much faster rate than other devices, leaving patients in need of a revision surgery.  Once a patient receives a faulty device and is required to have a revision surgery, the chances that they will have an increased quality of life is reduced, as these surgeries are highly complex and require large amounts of recuperation and physical therapy. 

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JRS1047USMC 06/14/2013 10:13 PM
I rec Depuy Hip 08/06/2009, IT FAILED WITHIN 30 MONTHS AND A REVISION SURGERY WAS PREFORMED, It wasn't service connected at the of the surgery,. I have filed a claim under 38usc 1151. is there anyone that has seen, heard of a case like mine
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