Lake Station Woman Wins $1.25 Indiana Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

A woman from Lake Station, Indiana, has been awarded $1.25 million after she filed an Indiana medical malpractice lawsuit regarding a error made during an operation. In 2002, Mary Knight had a spinal surgery that resulted in serious nerve damages and permanent injury. The botched spinal surgery was performed by Dr. Alexander Miller, a surgeon working out of Merrillville, Indiana.

During the Indiana medical malpractice trial, Miller did not appear in court despite court orders. The Lake County jury sided with Knight, awarding her with $4.2 million for the serious injury and lifetime of pain that she suffers from. Because of Indiana Medical Malpractice caps and the Indiana Medical Malpractice Act, Knight will see only $1.25 million. Miller was also not present in court when the jury decided on damages.

When the doctor appealed the medical malpractice decision, the panel of judges found his argument to be disingenuous.
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