The most damaging aspect of DePuy's defective hip implant devices is not necessarily the damage it does while inside a patient's body. In fact, the most catastrophic result occurs when a patient's ARS hip implant is deemed so defective that the patient requires a revision surgery and a new device.

Hip replacement devices are supposed to be designed to last for a long period of time and provide good results.  Orthopedic doctors who specialize in hip replacement surgeries generally agree that 90% of hip replacement devices are functioning at a high level after ten years of date of the initial surgery. Unfortunately, two of DePuy's defective hip implant devices (ASR Hip Resurfacing System and the ASR XL Acetabular System) have not been so generous to patients, leaving them in great pain, and with the prospects of facing an additional surgery. 

Hip replacement surgeries are extremely complex, and the fact that these surgeries often result in less than optimal results, it leaves patients asking, "Can DePuy can be held legally responsible for their faulty device?"  The answer is yes. 

DePuy has issued a recall on over 93,000 of their devices and hip replacement patients are encouraged to speak with a qualified ASR lawyer to assess their potential claim.  DePuy has asked patients with defective hip devices to contact them directly to settle their claim, but THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA.  DePuy will attempt to settle your hip injury claim without fully compensating you for the pain and suffering and future losses you may incur as a result of their defective devices.

DePuy's defective hip implant devices have left several patients and their orthopedic doctors with a difficult decision: "Should the device be replaced?" If you are facing this dilemma, you need to retain legal counsel as quickly as possible.

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