Wrong Way Crashes on I-25 in New Mexico Are a Deadly Problem

Wrong way crashes on I-25 in New Mexico are a deadly problem.A quick Google search of “wrong-way crashes on I-25” produces a list of news stories: September 22, 2016 “2 dead after wrong-way crash on I-25,” June 4, 2016 “Victims of a head-on crash on I-25 identified,” October 10, 2015 “wrong-way I-25 crash,” September 20, 2015 “wrong-way crash on I-25 claims two lives.” The list, unfortunately, goes on. There is clearly a scary, scary problem.

The most recent accident took place on September 24, 2016, when a drunk driver was heading south in the northbound lanes of I-25 near the 287-mile marker in Santa Fe. The fiery head-on collision resulted in the death of the driver and the victim.

Santa Fe Mayor Gonzales Calls for Investigation of “Deadly Highway”

Following this horrific accident, Santa Fe mayor Javier Gonzales is speaking up. Mayor Gonzales has requested that the New Mexico Department of Transportation conduct a study of what he calls a “deadly stretch of highway.” He believes that there may be a design flaw that leads to wrong-way collisions. Though alcohol was a factor in the most recent accident, it appears that there are other reasons that this pattern of wrong-way crashes has occurred and Mayor Gonzales asks that the DOT investigate the problem before another life is taken.

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