Are there special motorcycle laws in New Mexico?

In order to operate a motorcycle in the state of New Mexico, one must obtain a motorcycle license. According to the New Mexico DMV website, a Class M motorcycle licenseMotorcycle Accident in Albuquerque New Mexico comes with three levels depending on age and how powerful your motorcycle is. A W endorsement is for 100cc and larger motorcycles. Y endorsements are for motorcycles between 50cc and 100cc. Finally, a Z endorsement limits riders to motorcycles with a displacement of less than 50cc. To obtain a Class M license, a driving and written test is required specific to which endorsement you will need and will go over basic motorcycle fundamentals.

Some states have moved toward requiring drivers of motorcycles to go through Motorcycle Safety Foundation training. New Mexico has not yet made that a requirement. Our Albuquerque motorcycle accident lawyer adds that the state is aware that many of the motorcycle accidents occurring each year in New Mexico are related to driver inexperience. Therefore, taking a motorcycle training class is highly recommended by New Mexico’s Motor Vehicle Division for everyone, but is required for motorcyclists under the age of 18.

New Mexico motorcyclists under the age of 18 are required to wear a helmet. If you are over 18, the decision is up to you, but is highly recommended.