Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are the answers to common initial questions many clients have when they first contact Keller and Keller. We hope that the information below address many initial concerns you may have, but if  you don't find the answers here, please contact us with questions specific to your case. The consultation is free and confidential.

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  • What amount can I expect each month from the VA for my disability?

    VA disability compensation will vary depending on several factors and compensation can be anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month to over $3,000 a month.
    It's possible that you can receive a greater amount of VA disability compensation if you suffer from a severe service-related disability (such as a lost limb), if you support other family members (such as a spouse, children, or parents), or if your spouse is also disabled.
    Keep in mind, it's critical that your disability benefits application is supported with clear evidence that illustrates the severity of your disability as well as the fact that you have dependents.

  • Who is eligible forveteran's disability benefits and/or pay?

    Veterans and soldiers who have an active-duty or service related disability and were discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable terms.

  • How much does veteran's disability benefits pay?

    The amount of benefits paid is determined by the extent of the disability, or how disabled you are as a result of active duty.

  • How are veterans' disability benefits rated?

    Veterans disability benefits are rated on a scale of 10% disabling to 100% disabling, and are rated at 10% increments. If a Veteran has more than one disability, the total percentages are not added together, a formula designed by the Federal Goverment is used to calculate the overall rating of disability that the Veteran has sustained.

  • What does it mean if I have received a veterans disability rating of 0%?

    Veterans may have sustained a disability or multiple disabilities from active duty which may not individually qualify her or him for veterans' disability benefits; however, the disabilities combined may calculate to a combined 10% disability rating through the Government's formula.

  • Can my veterans' disability rating increase or decrease?

    Yes.  Unless the verterans administration (VA) specifically states that the ratings decision assigned to you is a permanent and total rating, it can increase or decrease.  The VA may periodically call you for examinations to determine if your disability has changed.  It is important to know that failure to meet these examination requests, can result in a reduced rating. 

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