New Mexico's Big I is sometimes mistakenly thought to stand for "Big Interstate," when in fact it refers to the area of stacked interchanges where Interstate 25 (I-25) and Interstate 40 (I-40) intersect just northeast of downtown Albuquerque. It's easily the most heavily traveled section of roadway throughout New Mexico and also accounts for some of the state's most serious accidents.

What’s My Case Worth?

The growing number of accidents that occur on the Big I have been attributed to the increased number of vehicles that make their way through the interchange. Traffic volume on the Big I has always been a concern for New Mexican residents since the interchange was first built in the early 1960's. Massive construction efforts in the summer of 2000 were implemented to accommodate increased traffic flow.

Common Big I Accidents

More than 300,000 cars, trucks and semis use the Big I each day. It's no surprise that there are more collisions at this location than anywhere else in New Mexico, and the majority of them involve serious injury and severe property damage.

In many instances, Big I accident victims are involved in one of the following types of collisions:

Car vs Semi-Truck

Because the Big I is a major artery connecting several of New Mexico's larger cities, it's a much used business route for semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles. Many of these trucks are under deadlines to make deliveries, and during peak times like morning and afternoon rush hour, the potential for an accident with a smaller car or truck heighten, especially as drivers skip on sleep or drive at excessive speeds.

The complexity of these cases and the possibility of multiple insurance policies being involved is the reason why you should always contact an experienced New Mexico accident attorney.

Rear-End Collisions

We've handled several cases for clients that were rear-ended on the Big I, and the majority of these accidents were caused by distracted driving, excessive speed, or tailgating.

Because the speed limits are much higher on the Big I, what would typically be a minor collision on another road has the potential to be much more serious, resulting in traumatic injuries and/or death. Higher speeds also increase the risk of a rear-end accident involving more than two vehicles.

The stop-and-go traffic associated with morning and afternoon rush-hours is a common cause of rear-end accidents on the Big I.

An example of an I-25 rear-end collision we handled for a client was one that resulted in multiple injuries because the defendant didn't leave enough time and space between themselves and our client, as explained in the police report narrative and diagram:

Officer Narrative: Vehicle #1 was traveling northbound on I-25 when it was struck from the rear by Vehicle #2. Vehicle #1 had stopped for traffic on the interstate when it was hit. Vehicle #2 was traveling northbound on I-25 in the first lane when it did not see Vehicle #1 stopped. Vehicle #2 Ran into the back of Vehicle #1.

Big I car accident in Albuquerque

Motorcycle Accidents

The Big I has claimed an unfortunate number of motorcyclists' lives throughout its history, and while the vulnerability of a motorcyclist is great no matter where they're traveling, the combined factors of heavy traffic, higher speeds, and large number of commercial vehicles dramatically increases a biker's risk.

Unfortunately, the majority of Big I motorcycle accident cases our attorneys have handled for victims and families often involve traumatic injury and/or death.

Weather-Related Accidents

In addition to rain, ice, snow, New Mexico is one of few states where drivers risk being involved in dust storm accidents. The dry conditions that persist throughout parts of New Mexico break down the soil, allowing wind to easily lift the dirt and carry it through the air. Depending on how forceful the winds are, the potential for a blinding dust storm can cause extremely dangerous conditions for drivers on or near the Big I.

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Our office is located a short distance from the Big I; we're extremely familiar with this section of New Mexico's interstate system; and we've helped hundreds of New Mexicans who were injured on or near the stacked interchange.

We also believe everyone should have equal opportunity to retain powerful, experienced legal representation at no cost. For this reason, we offer anyone hurt on the Big I, I-25, or I-40 a Zero Fee Guarantee, meaning you'll never pay for a consultation and the only way we receive money is if you receive money for you injuries.

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