Posted on Oct 02, 2023

Driver facing charges in Indianapolis crash that left 3 dead

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - Authorities said a man has been charged in connection with a crash in Indianapolis last Tuesday night that left three people dead.

According to a report by WXIN, the suspect is 19-year-old Luis Lebya-Gonzalez.  Police said Lebya-Gonzalez was driving a Dodge Challenger when he refused to stop for a state trooper who tried to pull him over for speeding, weaving in traffic and following vehicles too closely.

A pursuit was initiated by police but later halted at about 9:50 p.m. following speeds that reached up to 140 miles an hour.  The Challenger eventually crashed into a Toyota Camry in the area of 10th Street and Mitthoefer Road after witnesses said Lebya-Gonzalez went through a red light. 

Lebya-Gonzalez's 14-year-old brother and 32-year-old cousin, who were passengers in the Challenger, were killed in the wreck as was a 21-year-old person in the Camry.

Luis Lebya-Gonzalez was charged with three counts of resisting law enforcement resulting in death and three counts of reckless driving causing death. 

He was reported to have claimed full accountability for the incident when interviewed by police, according to court documents.