Posted on Dec 04, 2023

Man charged with fleeing scene of crash at South Valley gas station

ALBUQUERQUE, NM - A driver who allegedly crashed while fleeing from police in the South Valley was arrested last month, KRQE reported.

Investigators said Yadir Solorzano was driving a stolen vehicle when he crashed into a gas station on Rio Bravo Boulevard on the morning of Nov. 23, then struck a marked patrol vehicle and another car.

According to police, Solorzano took off at high speeds hitting up to 90 miles per hour while being pursued by authorities.  He drove in the wrong direction on Rio Bravo Boulevard and Coors Boulevard before crashing into a private property, a criminal complaint said.

He was subsequently arrested on a charge of aggravated fleeing along with multiple other charges.

Our Albuquerque car accident lawyer will update this news blog with any additional information as it comes to light.