Paraplegic Woman Loses Indianapolis Med Mal Lawsuit Regarding Epidural

Posted on Sep 20, 2011

An Indiana paraplegic, who claimed that doctor and hospital negligence caused her permanent injuries, lost an Indianapolis medical malpractice lawsuit this week. A judge initially dismissed the case against several doctors and a treatment center, while a jury found the remaining physician not liable for the woman's spinal cord injury.

According to Outpatient Surgery Magazine, the patient, Cynthia Gustafson, went to the Center for Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine in Indianapolis because of chronic lower back pain. After being seen by a doctor, she went to Indiana Surgery Center South for an epidural steroid injection. During the procedure, she reported feeling a tingling sensation in her legs and noting some issues with how the procedure was executed. A month later, she went to Methodist Hospital of Indiana where her condition progressed to full paraplegia.

In the Indiana medical malpractice lawsuit, she claimed that her injury could have been prevented if her issue had been properly diagnosed and treated. She stated that her spinal abscess should have been drained, and then she should have been placed on antibiotics. She believes that the doctors who treated her did not meet the standard of care.

The Indianapolis medical malpractice jury was not swayed that the epidural led to the patient's paralysis.

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