Two Dead In Greene County Head-On Car And Motorcycle Crash

Posted on May 11, 2009
Reckless teenaged driving may well have been a factor in the head-on collision that took place between a motorcycle and Camero on Indiana State Road 43 in Greene County Indiana on Saturday evening.

Indiana State Police and the Greene County Sheriff's Department reported that 19-year-old Preston Williams of Bloomington, Indiana, was attempting to pass a car on the two-lane highway when he collided with an oncoming motorcycle driven by 40-year-old Jerry Marker of Solsberry, Indiana. The car switched into the northbound lane to pass another vehicle south of Greene County Road 525 North and did not see the oncoming motorcycle.

According to police, the Camero skidded on to the east side of the road, flipped over and rolled down an embankment, catching on fire upside down. The motorcycle also caught on fire during the crash. Emergency responders received the call about the motorcycle accident at a few minutes after 6 p.m. on May 9.

Marker died instantly in the crash. Camero passenger 19-year-old Jessica Allman of Bloomington was rushed to Bloomington Hospital where she died of her injuries. Williams is still in the hospital with serious head, face and back injuries sustained in the crash.

Neither teen was wearing their seat belts at the time of the accident. The head-on motorcycle collision is still under investigation.

This accident highlights the importance of several road safety and motorcycle safety measures: wearing your seat belt at all times, being alert to the presence of motorcycles, passing with caution on two-lane highways, and turning on your headlights when driving on two-lane highways.
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