Our team of Michigan dog bite lawyers is well-versed in serious animal attacks, which can cause devastating injuries, along with long-lasting psychological trauma. Although the actual attack might last just a few seconds, it can leave a lifetime of bad memories.

For more than 75 years, the law office of Keller & Keller has represented dog bite clients, including adults, children, and the elderly. Because of the favorable outcomes we've been able to reach on behalf of clients, our firm has been AV-rated by our peers. That means other lawyers consider Keller & Keller to possess very high to the preeminent legal ability, as well as the highest reflection of expertise, experience integrity, and overall professional excellence.

Most dog bite victims suffer both psychological scarring and bodily injury as a result of the attack.

Bodily injury

Dog bites can leave ugly wounds and scars. In fact, many victims seek the advice of a plastic surgeon or undergo reconstructive surgery.

While many dog bite victims require immediate surgery, children, in particular, often face years of treatment to address scarring as they grow.

Insurance companies are blind to the plight of an injured child and will scoff at the prospect of paying for long-term medical needs. But a qualified Michigan dog bite lawyer can help.

Bone breaks

Some dog breeds have incredibly powerful jaws. Although it is rare, a dog can break a bone, especially when the victim is a child or senior citizen.

Rabid dogs

When a strange animal attacks, it is impossible for the victim to know whether it has received a rabies vaccination. Whenever a dog bite breaks the skin, rabies should be taken into consideration.

Victims should seek immediate care at the emergency room if the dog cannot be located or if its records cannot be verified. Every year, an estimated 18,000 people are treated for possible exposure to rabies.

Risk of infection

An estimated 15 to 20 percent of dog bite victims will develop an infection. Seeking prompt medical attention is the best way to prevent infection or to stop an infection from spreading.

Emergency medical care and be expensive and can often require frequent follow-ups. Insurance companies might try to settle a dog bite claim quickly in order to avoid the ongoing expense related to extended care.

By working with an attorney, clients may receive a full regimen of treatment without feeling pressured.

Mental anguish

Dog bite victims should seek immediate medical care for their injuries; the obvious open wounds, bite marks, bruises, and scratching. But less obvious is the mental anguish that can leave a victim traumatized.

Survivors of dog attacks can develop a heightened sense of fear when in the presence of animals, up to and including panic attacks and flashbacks. Children, who have had less time to develop a positive association with dogs, are especially susceptible and might require counseling by a trained professional.

When appropriate, our attorneys will make psychological pain part of a dog bite injury claim. By doing so, we ensure that our clients are fully compensated by the insurance company for all injuries, not just the obvious ones.

Liability in dog bite cases

The foundation for any successful dog bite claim is to establish liability. By identifying the owner of the animal, the attorney can determine the insurance policy that can compensate the victim for medical costs, pain, suffering, and ongoing care related to the attack.

Dog bite laws are very clear in Michigan. A dog's owner is liable when the animal attacks a human without provocation, as long as the event occurred on his property and the victim was not trespassing or otherwise acting with criminal intent.

Obstacles and complications lie in the path of every dog bite claim. For example, many renters do not carry insurance and many policies contain exclusions for particular dog breeds. The animal's owner might also dispute liability.

Victims who work with a qualified attorney are less likely to have the insurance company place them partly at fault. 

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