Where do you turn in the days, weeks, and months after a serious injury, accident, or denied claim? While it is important to speak with an Indiana attorney who can help you, it is also important to learn as much about your case and your options as possible. We have collected the below links to help our readers better research their legal situation and find the resources that they need to move forward in the wake of an accident, injury, or illness.

Car Accidents

  • Crash Tests & Rollover Ratings

    This site contains additional information on vehicle safety, specifically crash test results, and rollover ratings for your vehicle.

  • Traffic Safety

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Adminsitration contains valuable information regarding traffic safety, laws and regulations, and fuel economy tips.

  • Indiana BMV

    The official state website for informations regarding licenses, suspensions, registrations, title services, etc.

Semi-Truck Accidents

  • Truck Safety Coalition

    This site provides victims of trucking accidents the opportunity to speak with other survivors as well as a chance to serve as a volunteer to improve trucking safety.

  • Trucking Rules & Regulations

    This site is dedicated to reducing the increasing number of crashes, injuries and fatalaties associated with semi-trucks.

Motorcycle Accidents

  • Motorcycle Awareness

    This site provides additional motorcycle safety tips as well as the risks associated with riding and operating motorcycle.

  • Motorcycle Safety

    An extensive website that provides riders with safety tips and interactive tours of biker riding courses.

  • Motorcycle Helmets

    How effective is your motorcylce helmet? This site contains valuable answers surrounding the debate of which type of helmet offers the best protection.

Social Security Disability

  • Federal Government Site

    An extensive collection of resources and required reading related to all matters surrounding Social Security.

Defective Prescription Drugs

  • Drug Dictionary

    An extensive alphabetical listing of drugs that can be searched by their generic or brand name.

Dog Bites

  • Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

    The CDC site provides articles and helpful tips everyone animal owner should read. This site also educates the reader about rabies and other bite related diseases.

  • Approaching a Dog

    An excellent article discussing the possibly dangerous relationship between children and dogs.


  • Central Nervous System

    Overview of the symptoms, causes, risk factors, prevention, and coping strategies associated with traumatic brain injuries.