Car Accident Client Gives Review of Her Indianapolis Injury Attorney

Handwritten testimonial from happy Keller & Keller clientDenise was driving eastbound on State Road 62 (SR 62) in Madison, Indiana, approaching Franks Drive at the same time a westbound driver on SR 62 was also approaching Franks Drive. The westbound driver attempted to turn left onto Franks Drive, failing to yield the right of way to Denise, causing a high-speed collision.

Denise suffered three (3) metacarpal fractures in her left hand as well as a puncture wound to her left leg and fractures to her right and left elbows.

Denise was an LPN at the time of her accident, studying to be an RN, and immediately went to the other vehicle to try and help one of the passengers in the adverse vehicle who suffered traumatic injuries after striking the car’s windshield. Despite her efforts, and those of the emergency responders, the woman’s injuries proved fatal. Denise suffered extreme emotional distress as a result of witnessing the woman’s passing.

Denise would undergo months of treatment and therapy for her injuries as well as counseling for the emotional trauma caused by the accident.

Denise began to look at her options after realizing the insurance company may try to limit her claim based on liability disputes often associated with intersection-style accidents. She also knew that her injuries were serious enough that it would probably make good sense to at least consult with some attorneys. After speaking with one of our attorneys to get an opinion on her case, she immediately signed our contingent fee retainer agreement and became a client.

Ultimately, we were able to settle her case.

Transcribed letter from client:

Mr. Keller

2850 North Meridian St.

Indianapolis, IN 46208


Dear Mr. Keller:

I want to sincerely express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks to your law firm and to Keith Gora. He personally gave my case his best.

I was the victim in a terrible, fatal car accident that put me out of work, and on assistance to live when my marriage almost failed due to the hardships we were enduring. Medical bills piled up and my student loan was in default, which meant that after a long year of healing and restoration and passing the tests to get into nursing school—I could not get the loan to attend.

I am an LPN returning to school for an Associate Degree of Science in Nursing to be a Registered Nurse. This was my last chance to do this, as all of my previous classes would be past the timeline if I waited just one more semester to start.

Keith Gora at Keller & Keller in Indianapolis, IN worked long hours and gave my case top priority. 

On 4/14/09 @ 9:00 a.m. I pulled into Nursing School on my first day of orientation with $200.00 borrowed, to pay for uniforms, with tears in my eyes not knowing how I ws going to pay for school. At 9:27 a.m. my fervent prayers were answered! As I was about to get out of the car and go into school, Keith called, and with my authorization, settled the case with the insurance company for more than enough money to pay for school tuition and books! His diligence and dedication to his job and this client has been such a blessing to my education, my marriage and my life!

My student ID at the top of this letter is only in existence because of God leading me to Keller & Keller and Keith Gora and his excellent faithfulness to his service as a legal representative.

God Bless You All And Thank you from the Bottom of my Heart,

Denise A