Accident with a Dump Truck in Indianapolis Leaves Client With Serious Injuries.

Video Transcription:

Hi, I’m Dionna M., and this is my story.

My family contacted Keller & Keller because I was in a bad trucking accident and I needed legal help.

They made me feel warm, they made me feel like I mattered, they made me feel like “we’re going to take care of this for you.”

Every time I contacted Keller & Keller, I dealt, they… I was priority. I felt like a priority. I was not bounced around from person to person to person. I dealt with who I called and they were always available when I called. Any questions that I had, they had an answer for it.

They took care of everything for me. They took care of getting all the information that they needed for the case. I had to do nothing, and they kept me in the loop of every single thing that they needed to do.

The top three things that impressed me about Keller & Keller was how down to earth everybody was—how everybody was just so nice, and so helpful. Very professional, hard-working, dedicated… Just I’m glad that I met everybody, and I know that this is like a life-long type friendship for me. Ya’ know, just keep in contact with everybody here, and that’s for real.