Hands down best injury lawyers around! I had a woman cross the center line and hit me head-on in Kokomo Indiana on sr26 in one of my wreckers causing over $17,000.00 worth of damage to my tow truck and causing me permanent physical damage to the use of my left hand. Upon me turning the police report and dash cam footage over to the other woman’s insurance company they attempted to deny my claim stating their client had “blacked” out which would them classify it as an act of God. At this point, I was lost and didn’t know what to do so a family friend recommended Keller and Keller out of Indianapolis Indiana. I forwarded my dash video and police report to Aaron and Justin with Keller and Keller and they jumped right in and took care of everything for me taking the stress and worry away from me. Their first and foremost concern was my state of health and continued to check my health status regularly and if I needed anything! After battling the insurance company I received a substantial settlement to which I was delighted. Again they performed a job that nobody else wanted to even look at due to the other lady’s insurance company claiming that an “act of God is what made their client blackout causing the wreck”.

They truly left no rock unturned and for that I am grateful! Thank you Keller and Keller, Aaron and Justin for all you did for me through this entire incident!

Chris Sutton