Annjatica's Testimonial About Working with Keller & Keller for a Car Accident Claim

In November 2015, I was in a horrible accident. No fault of my own. I have great insurance. But this was a bad one. I was hurt. Car totally done. Hospital in ambulance. Fear consumed me, I was afraid to get behind the wheel again. Off work as a 5th grade teacher for months. Memory loss, just a mess. Not able to be a mom or a wife. I was confused and just knew I needed help. So I called Keller and Keller.

First time I called and tried to explain I began to cry. It was hard to retell. But the person on the phone was so sweet, understanding and patient. They were real people! The investigator came to my house, during my recovery period, and explained everything to me. They held my hand, and cared about me. My personal case manager checked on me constantly, answered every question. She laughed with my successes and understood my frustrations. All during my PT, after I was released to work, and when I had been put on the back burner my case manager was on it.

Now it's October 2016, my case has been completely handled. Keller & Keller worked to assure I received what I felt my pain and suffering were worth, and made sure ALL my bills were paid! Seriously. All of them.

So the check I walk away with is for my family and I to recover emotionally and spiritually from those hard months after the accident!

Beautiful, kind people, warm offices, and solid Hoosier values in a law office is rare but Keller & Keller fit the bill. Speaking of the bill, I never paid a dime out of pocket, I knew all my fees, (which were minimal and fair) and still have more in my pocket money than I ever thought possible.

I hope and pray I never need an accident attorney again, but if I do I'll know who to call. Blessings.