I was almost killed by a semi truck and injured badly...

Keller and Keller was a godsend to me. In September 2018 I was almost killed by a semi truck and was injured badly. The firm I hired didn't do their job. After a few days of negotiations they told me to take the money offered or find a new law firm.

I contacted Keller and Keller, laid out my claim and what happened with the other firm. They took my case. The difference was night and day. They stayed in contact with me every month as they finished the job my other law firm failed to complete. They explained everything along the way. When negotiations started they explained more.

I ended up with double the amount the other firm told me to take it or leave it. So happy I left it! Thank you so much to everyone at Keller and Keller. And a special thank you to Keith. You guys are all amazing there!

Amber R.