If You're In a Car Accident, You're Entitled to "Loss of Use" for Your Vehicle from the At-Fault Driver

Our office recently resolved a loss of use claim on behalf of a client. Loss of use claims are akin to rental car claims. When your vehicle is damaged and not driveable as the result of a motor vehicle collision, the at-fault driver must provide you with a rental car or compensate you monetarily for the time you lost the use of your vehicle.

In our recent case, a driver for the State of New Mexico caused a motor vehicle collision resulting in the total loss of our client’s vehicle. At first, the state denied our client’s loss of use claim. After Keller & Keller intervened, the state revised its position and paid our client for ten days loss of use.

If your loss of use claim is being unfairly denied, don’t let your rights be trampled. Call Keller & Keller at 505-938-2300.

Hi my son was in a accident in my vehicle that I let him use for work now the other person was at fault the other persons insurance said my car was a total loss now my question is do we get loss of use cause according to ther insurance company they don't have to pay loss of use in New Mexico is this true ?
by Berna Gurule August 12, 2016 at 01:58 PM
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