We Hold New Mexico Insurance Companies to Their Word After a Car Accident

Recently, after agreeing to settle our client’s claim a well-known insurance company attempted to revoke the settlement and pay our client less money than originally agreed upon. The insurance company did this even though our client had signed a settlement release agreement and our office had returned the signed agreement to the insurance company.

New Mexico requires that all automobile liability insurance policies issued in New Mexico include uninsured and unknown motorists coverage unless properly rejected by an insured. Pursuant to the New Mexico Uninsured Motorist Act, an insurer must offer uninsured motorist coverage in minimum limits of $25,000, and up to the insured’s liability policy limits. 

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A currently pending issue before the New Mexico Supreme Court is whether an insurer complies with the Uninsured Motorist Act when it requires that all vehicles insured under an insurance policy carry separate uninsured motorist coverage thereby multiplying limits in excess of the minimum limits required under the Act. 

Currently, pursuant to the New Mexico Court of Appeals case of Ullman v. Safeway, an insurer may offer such coverage legally. However, on March 4, 2022, the New Mexico Supreme Court heard arguments that could overturn the Court of Appeals and find that such a practice is illegal. 

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle crash that was not your fault with an uninsured motorist but has rejected uninsured motorist coverage, you may still be entitled to coverage.  If your insurance policy insures multiple vehicles, and you were never given the opportunity to purchase uninsured motorist coverage on a single-vehicle insured under the policy, you should contact us so we can discuss how your rights may be affected.

Keller & Keller Won’t Let You Get Pushed Around by New Mexico Insurance Companies 

Our personal injury lawyers quickly filed a Motion to Enforce a Settlement against the insurance company. After our office filed the Motion to Enforce Settlement, the insurance company initially attempted to settle the case for a compromised amount. Our office, and our client, refused to accept anything less than the originally agreed-upon settlement amount. A few weeks after filing our Motion to Enforce Settlement, the insurance company agreed to pay the originally agreed-upon settlement amount.

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