Police And INDOT Working Together To Prevent Construction Zone Accidents

You slow down when you see an Indiana State Police Trooper, but do you slow down when you see signs that there’s construction ahead? According to the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), far too many fatal traffic accidents take place in road work areas and that far too many serious crashes could have been prevented if only the driver had slowed down and been vigilant while driving through construction.

Now, both Indiana Police and INDOT are working together on a new strategy to keep drivers aware, alert, and under the speed limit while driving through construction zones. The plan? Put uniformed troopers into INDOT pickup trucks parked in and around work sites. If passing cars don’t slow down for construction workers – or if they are following too close – they may get pulled over and ticketed by an unlikely vehicle.

The two organizations say that they are planning on teaming up about four troopers and INDOT vehicles – but stressed that they were not trying to trick people. Instead, they just want drivers to be aware that troopers are watching, and that’s just one more good reason to slow down and be safe in construction areas.

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