How can I pay for a construction lawyer if I am injured and unable to work?

There are 3 basic fee arrangements between construction case clients and their attorneys:


  1. Contingency Fee (also called "No Recovery/No Fee" contract). The Contingency Fee arrangement is the one most often used by injured persons unable to work.  Under a contingency fee, the attorney is paid a specified percentage of the total amount of the settlement or judgment that is recovered in the lawsuit.  If the lawsuit is lost or there is no money recovered, then the lawyer receives no fee.  Contingency Fee arrangements must be in writing. 
  2. Hourly rate. The lawyer is paid a specified amount for every hour he works on the case.  These amounts are typically billed monthly and must be paid regardless of whether the case is won or lost. 
  3. Flat Fee. In this arrangement, the attorney and the client negotiate a single payment to the attorney at the beginning of the lawsuit. This fee will cover all attorney fees throughout the lawsuit.  This fee, like the hourly rate, must be paid regardless of whether the lawsuit is lost or won. 

Our firm allows its construction site injury clients to select any one of these three arrangements.  Injured clients typically select the Contingency Fee arrangement. If you feel you may need representation in a construction site injury case, contact our Indianapolis construction accident lawyer team today to discuss your possible next steps.

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