Why is the insurance company for the semi driver so aggressive?

Trucking companies are required to carry greater amounts of insurance coverage, sometimes in the hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. For that reason, trucking insurance companies will defend their claims aggressively to protect the large amount of money on the line. Because of the size of the trucking company and its financial resources, it is easy for the trucking company to quickly get the upper hand. These companies have access to an experienced team who is familiar with the rules and regulations governing truck drivers and it is their job to negotiate settlements every day. They have years of experience investigating trucking accidents and know how to compare the value of your case to actual jury verdicts and past settlements. This is why it is so important for you, the injured party, to have an experienced team of lawyers on your side.

Don’t Take Their First Offer

Don’t let the insurance company’s aggressive tactics force you to take the first offer. The insurance company will likely play nice at first and tell you that Don't Accept the Insurance Company's First Offeryou don’t need an attorney. They will say that they will work with you to resolve your case fairly. The offer from the trucking company may sound appealing at first, but keep in mind, it is not the trucking company’s nor its insurance carrier’s job to pay you what your case is worth. It is their job to pay you the smallest amount possible.

It is always important to consider not only how you are feeling today, but how you will feel tomorrow, next week, next month, and maybe even for years to come. If you settle your case too early or sign anything from the trucking company, you may be signing away your right to full compensation. Don’t sign anything before consulting with an experienced semi-accident attorney.

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