What are some specific examples of the variables found in a semi-truck accident?

A crash with a commercial tractor-trailer in Indiana can become a very complicated claim for damages. This is because truck cases involved many more variables than a more straightforward car accident case. While a car accident claim is usually just between two drivers and their insurance companies, a truck claim involves the driver, the trucking company, maintenance records for the vehicle, those who loaded cargo, state and federal regulations, and more.

Examples of Variables Found in a Tractor-Trailer Accident

An experienced truck accident attorney will be aware of the many variables that can come into play with a commercial truck crash. Some of the most common factors a truck crash attorney must account for include the following:

  • There are usually at least two insurance policies covering the accident.
  • An accident with one tractor-trailer could bring in multiple defendants and therefore multiple liability insurance policies.
  • A truck driver has a higher standard of care than most.
  • Truck drivers must adhere to federal hours-of-service rules.
  • There is automatic liability for some accidents under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.
  • Negligent hiring may impose punitive damages on an employer.
  • Employers must continually review their drivers’ health records and records of traffic violations as well as conduct random drug testing.
  • The deliberate use of unsafe equipment may substantially increase your award.
  • A trucking company may not blame someone else for the accident if it operates under a “public franchise.”
  • There are specific rules on how to load a truck so its contents will not fall off.
  • A truck has only 10 minutes to set out emergency signals after it becomes disabled.

Keller & Keller Will Investigate All the Variables

In order to launch a successful claim, you need a truck accident attorney who will follow up on all of these variables in order to identify all possible sources of compensation. Our Indianapolis truck accident attorney team has experience with Indiana truck crashes and makes sure no stone is left unturned.


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