Why is it bad to delay seeking medical treatment after a motorcycle accident?

Most motorcycle accidents will involve serious injury, and the need for treatment will be apparent; however, we have represented several bikers that were fortunate enough to haveIndianapolis Motorcycle Accident sustained injury that didn't require surgeries, or lengthy hospital stays. The reason we were able to help those clients is because they didn't delay in seeking treatment for the less apparent injuries that they did suffer.

Motorcyclists that suffer scrapes and cuts, or soft-tissue injuries, are less likely to seek immediate attention from an ER or their doctor because they thought the aches and pains will resolve themselves over time. Unfortunately, a biker that waits to seek treatment is causing serious damage to any potential claim he may have against the at-fault party.

Insurance companies have been known to outright refuse personal injury claims because the injured person waited too long.  By waiting, the injured party creates what is known as a "gap in treatment." A gap in treatment is one of the most damaging accusations against any personal injury claim, as an insurance company and/or jury will see your gap in treatment as a sign that you weren't really injured. And even though there may be rational reason behind your delay in seeking treatment, it won't hold water with the insurance company. 

Many times a soft tissue injury can not present its most severe symptoms until days after the accident. Someone that has never been in a motorcycle accident might not suspect this, but it's a common occurrence.  For this reason, our Indianapolis motorcycle accident attorney advises anyone who thinks they may have suffered injury to visit with their doctor as soon as possible, not only to protect your claim, but to make sure your injuries aren't more serious than you first believe them to be.