Following the nationwide recall of 93,000 DePuy hip replacement systems, a number of orthopedic experts have concluded that the dangerous and defective hip implants suffer from several different significant design flaws. Specifically, the shallow hip cups on the hip implant led to a number of serious injuries and complaints -- most disturbing among the complaints is that the poorly designed hip cups led to debris in the bloodstream.

Among other injuries and complaints filed by those who received a DePuy implant are: chronic and serious hip pain, a loose hip joint that worsens over time, popping in the hip joint, corrective hip surgeries following the implant, and difficulty walking and moving.

Designing the hip replacement system with a shallow hip cup is one problem – but this problem is compounded by the fact that the hip implant also involves metal-on-metal contact within the replacement joint. Many believe that the metal-on-metal contact paired with the ill-fitting hip cup causes tiny shards of metal to rub off of the implant and disturb the area surrounding the system. In fact, not only can these metal shards create a severe hip pain in patients, they may also enter the bloodstream, creating even more serious complications.

While the DePuy hip replacement system was recalled in 2010, many experts say that the recall should have happened years earlier. A number of physicians and surgeons say that they have been contacting the company that manufactures and distributes the defective medical device for years – and reports of adverse effects stemming from the hip replacement system go back to 2006.

If you or a loved one has suffered harm due to a DePuy hip replacement, contact a defective medical device attorney immediately and tell us about your case. Keller & Keller LLP is currently reviewing these hip implant cases nationwide.
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