We like to think that the United States takes care of the veterans that so bravely served our country and protected our nation. However, the sad truth is that many veterans have difficulty securing the disability benefits that they need and deserve.

Many veterans may wonder, though, whether it is necessary to hire a lawyer in order to get a just response to their VA benefits application. Unfortunately, the application process to receive veteran disability benefits is filled with red tape, long waiting periods, and unfair decisions made by an overwhelmed Veteran’s Administration. All too often, valid veteran’s injury or disability claims are rejected over technicalities or a simple lack of evidence.

A VA disability benefits attorney can help you cut through the red tape of the application process and the appeals process. While this may be your first time applying for benefits, an experienced veteran’s disability lawyer has been through the process a number of times and understands what makes a successful case. A VA disability lawyer can help you collect the medical records and other evidence you need in order to successfully secure benefits and make sure that the process happens as quickly as possible.

At Keller & Keller LLP, put you in touch with a firm that represents veterans, with a wide range of injuries and disabilities that qualify them for disability benefits, such as: amputated limb, spinal chord injuries, blindness, traumatic brain injuries, radiation poisoning, post-traumatic stress disorder, exposure to Agent Orange, hypertension, Cushing’s Syndrome, hearing loss, and sexual trauma. If you have a disability from serving our country and need help getting the benefits that you need, call us today to be put in touch with a firm that exclusively handles these claims.