If you’re looking for an Elkhart injury lawyer to represent you for a car accident, motorcycle accident, or wrongful death claim, you should speak to one of the attorneys at our South Bend office for a free consultation about your next steps, especially before talking to the insurance company.

Because our office is mere minutes from downtown Elkhart, we have represented several Elkhart County residents for accidents that that caused injuries ranging from neck/back pain to traumatic, life-altering conditions such as multiple broken bones and/or brain injuries. 

Laws differ from state to state, however, anyone who was injured in an Elkhart, Indiana accident is entitled to three types of compensation in their personal injury claim: 

1.   Payment for medical bills
2.   Reimbursement of lost wages
3.   Payment for pain and suffering

No matter the type of accident, or injury sustained, our Elkhart injury lawyers have experience with your accident type, and in most instances, we have been able to settle Elkhart injury claims for our clients without having to make an appearance at the Elkhart Courts located on 315 S. Second Street. 

Our attorneys are often able to negotiate with the insurance company and come to an agreement before our clients are ever required to appear before a judge and jury. This shortens the amount of time it takes to receive your settlement, and it also avoids your having to rearrange your personal schedule for courtroom proceedings.

Dangerous Elkhart Roads 

Because it has several distinct transportation types (major toll roads, railways, airports, and the Interurban Trolley), we have unique experience related to each of the possible accident types in which a citizen of Elkhart may have been involved.

Specifically, because Elkhart is squeezed between two major roadways--the Indiana Toll Road (I-80 & I-90) and the St Joseph Valley Parkway (US Route 20)—a large number of the cases we have settled often involve accidents that have occurred on either of these routes. 

Elkhart, Indiana Car Accident Case

A client from Elkhart, Indiana contacted our office after having suffered a traumatic leg injury resulting from a head-on collision. Our client had been traveling north on State Road 19 (SR 19) when the adverse, traveling south on SR 19, crossed the centerline and struck our client’s car head-on.

Elkhart, Indiana head-on car accident

The collision was unavoidable, caused massive damage to both vehicles, and left our client with a compound fracture to his right leg. The force of the collision had pinned our client in his vehicle, making it impossible for him to exit the vehicle. Our client remained conscious throughout and was immediately aware that his bone was sticking through the skin of his leg. 

Shortly after the initial collision, our client’s vehicle was then struck from behind by a semi-truck that was unable to avoid the crash scene. Reports would later indicate that the adverse initially responsible for the accident was under the influence of alcohol and blew a .05 at the crash scene.

Once emergency crews were on the scene, they were able to remove our client from his vehicle and take him to Elkhart General Hospital. It was here that surgeons informed our client of the seriousness of his injury, and that he would possibly be left with one leg shorter than the other, potential rotational deformities, and a very difficult healing process due to the high-energy trauma his leg sustained. 

Our client was scheduled for immediate, emergency surgery where he underwent open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF). He was unable to bear weight on his leg for a period of 6 weeks and would have a permanent rod in his femur as well as permanent scarring.

The Elkhart injury lawyer from Keller & Keller was able to settle our client’s case for the full amount available (policy limits) on the adverse driver’s insurance policy, as well as work with medical providers to reduce liens and bills, and the claim settled without our client having to go through the lengthy process required by a jury trial.

Elkhart Emergency Services and Contacts

Elkhart Police Department

Address: 175 Waterfall Dr, Elkhart, IN 46516

Phone: (574) 295-7070

Website: https://elkhartindiana.org/government/police-department/

Elkhart General Hospital

Address: 600 East Boulevard, Elkhart, IN 46514

Phone: (574) 294-2621

Website: https://www.beaconhealthsystem.org/location/elkhart-general-hospital/

Elkhart Fire Department

Address: 500 East St, Elkhart, IN 46516

Phone: (574) 293-8931

Website: https://elkhartindiana.org/government/fire-department/

Hiring an Elkhart Accident Attorney

No matter the size of your case, Keller & Keller offers Elkhart residents our Zero Fee Guarantee, meaning your consultation is free and you'll never pay us a dime until we win your case. 

Once you have consulted with one of our attorneys by phone, email, or in person, and we have said that it's a case we believe we can help you win, you'll be asked to sign a contingent fee retainer agreement. This is a one-page agreement that states you have hired us to represent you and give us permission to investigate and work your case, however, we never settle your claim without your permission, and you're free to contact us for updates at any time.

We look forward to building the strongest personal injury case possible on your behalf, as well as making you one of our satisfied Elkhart clients.


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