If you’ve been in an automobile accident, or are looking for an Evansville injury lawyer to represent your family in a wrongful death lawsuit, you should make sure the attorney you hire offers the following:

  • Statewide Representation 

When an attorney offers statewide representation, it's typically means the firm has multiple offices throughout the state and has an impressive history of positive results on behalf of their clients.  

  • A Flat Fee

Some law offices will have what is known as a "sliding-fee" scale, meaning that the fee increases if they are forced to try your case in court. The retainer you sign with your attorney should be for a standard, flat fee.

  • Specialization

​There are a large number of law firms and attorneys who work as general practitioners. This means the attorney will handle a variety of case types, including bankruptcy, divorce, wills, etc. It's critical that you choose a law firm whose primary focus is personal injury law.

Keller & Keller offers Evansville and Vanderburgh County residents each of the advantages above as well as state-of-the-art technology in each of its offices that we use to create the strongest possible case on your behalf.

In addition, we offer you a Zero Fee Guarantee, meaning you'll never pay for a consultation, and if you choose to put the power and experience of our law firm behind your case, we'll never charge you a dime until we make a recovery on you and/or your family's behalf.    

Our Evansville injury lawyers have represented a large number of residents for a variety of personal injury claims, and much of that is attributed to Evansville’s dense population. Being the third largest city in Indiana, Evansville also has a very busy, multi-faceted transportation system that leads to hundreds of crashes and accidents of various types each year.

Evansville Transportation 

Evansville’s roadway, railway, (Evansville and Terre Haute Railroad) waterway (Ohio River), and air transportation (Evansville Regional Airport) make it a popular destination point for several companies whose daily business operations rely on delivery and transport of goods. However, the combination of business traffic and everyday commuter and residential traffic can create congestion that leads to serious accidents.

The roadways that we commonly receive calls about, and are likely the site of the most serious accidents in Evansville, are Highway 41, which runs through the center of the city; State Road 66 (the Lloyd Expressway); and Interstate 69 (I-69), which borders the eastern side of Evansville and then turns westward as it approaches the southern boundary line of the city.  

And though we receive the majority of calls from Evansville residents who were injured in an incident on a major roadway, we've also settled many cases for clients who were hurt on the city's side streets and smaller roadways, such as the case example below:  

Evansville Bicycle/Car Accident Case

A mother called us on behalf of her son after he had been struck by a car while riding his bicycle near Columbia and Main Street in Evansville. According to our client’s mother, her son was riding southbound on Main Street when the adverse, who was driving his car northbound on Main Street, attempted to turn left on a red light onto Columbia Street and struck her son while he was in the crosswalk. 

Evansville accident
The resulting collision left our client with multiple abrasions on his face, arms knuckles, side, and shoulder. His left leg immediately swelled and his left wrist also sustained injury. Once emergency services arrived, they were able to take our client to Deaconess Hospital for testing as well as provide referrals to an Orthopedic doctor for continued monitoring of his leg.

Anytime a case involves an automobile vs. a pedestrian/bicyclist, the insurance company will aggressively try to place all or some of the fault with the victim. With that fact in mind, our Evansville injury lawyer made it a priority to obtain the police report from the Evansville Police Department so that he could look for information that would lead to a witness. Fortunately, from the information provided on the crash report, he was able to locate a witness and obtain a statement regarding his version of the events and solidifying liability for our client.

The Evansville injury lawyer assigned to this case was able to settle our client’s case for an amount that paid for all of the client’s medical bills, his pain and suffering, and most important to our young client, a replaced bike! In addition to settling the client’s case for an amount that was at their authority level, his attorney was also able to resolve the case without having to undergo a jury trial in Vanderburgh County Court.

Evansville Emergency Contacts

Evansville Police Department

Address: 15 NW Martin Luther King Jr. BLVD

Phone: (812) 436-7896

Website: http://www.evansvillepolice.com/

Email: [email protected]

Deaconess Hospital

Address: 600 Mary Street, Evansville, IN 47747

Phone: (812) 450-5000

Website: https://www.deaconess.com/ 

Evansville Fire Department Headquarters

Address: 550 S.E. 8th Street, Evansville, IN 47713

Phone: (812) 436-4412

Hiring an Evansville Injury Lawyer

No matter the size of your case, or where it happened in Evansville, we work to make every step of your experience with us as convenient and professional as possible.

We offer first consultations in the following settings:

  • At your home
  • At any of Evansville's hospitals
  • Keller & Keller's southern Indiana office
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Video conference

As stated above, we offer all Evansville residents our Zero Fee Guarantee, meaning there will never be a fee for consulting with us, and you'll never pay us a dime until we make a recovery for you.

There is no risk in calling Keller & Keller, and we have a habit of winning the big cases.

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