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Illinois Motorcycle Laws | Illinois Motorcycle Regulations

Motorcycle laws differ as you travel from state to state - and not knowing the motorcycle laws in Illinois can lead to traffic tickets, motorcycle accidents, and motorcycle injuries. Do you know the motorcycle laws and motorcycle regulations in Illinois?

  • A safety helmet is not required by law in Illinois for motorcycle riders of all ages. Helmets are also not required for those on off-road dirt bikes.
  • Eye protection is required for riders of all ages - either in the form of glasses or goggles or in the form of a wind screen or windshield. 
  • A passenger seat and a passenger footrest are both require on motorcycles that are carrying passengers. Motorcycle passengers in Illinois can be any age. 
  • Helmet speakers are allowed in Illinois, but only for communication purposes and not for entertainment purposes such as listening to music. 
  • Motorcycle mufflers are required in Illinois.  
  • One side view mirror - either left or right - is required for motorcycles in Illinois. 
  • There are no restrictions on radar detection use in motorcycles in Illinois. 
  • Motorcycle handlebars in Illinois must be below shoulder height. 
  • Lane -splitting - the act of passing vehicles by moving between two lanes of traffic - is not legal in Illinois. Lane sharing is not mentioned in Illinois state motorcycle laws. 
  • For off-road bikes or dirt bikes in Illinois, there are no age restrictions, no rider education certificate, and no operator license is required. Dirt bikes do not need mufflers, headlights, or tailgates. However, dirt bike titles and registrations are required.

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