How Common Are Laser Eye Surgery Mistakes In Illinois And Chicago?

This week we brought you the frightening story of a doctor who has been sued over 50 times for laser eye surgery medical malpractice. Chicago surgeon Dr. Nicholas Caro was stripped of his authority to perform Lasik eye surgeries in Illinois and put on general probation after dozens of his eye surgery patients reported medical negligence and carelessness.

While an estimated 5.5 million people successfully undergo Lasik eye surgery each year, and while many consider the procedure to be simple, eye surgery is still a serious operation that could lead to permanent vision damage and other problems if not executed correctly. Since the operation requires the doctor to make extremely precise incision in the eye with a laser, the smallest medical mistake could result in poor healing, irregular healing, damaged vision, permanently irritated eyes, and other issues. There are a number of different adverse consequences to Lasik eye surgery mistakes, especially if your doctor is careless or negligent:

•    Your vision could be under corrected or overcorrected.
•    Your wound could become infected or not heal properly.
•    You could have permanently damaged or blurred vision.
•    You could have the wrong eye operated on.
•    You could experience night glares.
•    You could experience chronically painful, stinging, or burning eyes.
•    You could experience chronically dry eyes.
•    You could see “ghosts” or “halos.”
•    You could become completely blind.

A recent study conducted by John W. Simon, MD, of Albany Medical College, found that 90 percent of all eye surgery errors could be easily prevented. If you have been the victim of a Lasik eye surgery mistake, contact an Illinois medical malpractice attorney today.
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