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Zimmer Biomet Reverse Shoulder Implant Recall Lawsuits

What Is a Reverse Shoulder Implant?

A traditional shoulder replacement implant is designed to replicate the human shoulder. A reverse shoulder replacement means that the design is reversed to be opposite to a person’s natural shoulder anatomy. The reason that this design works is that reversing the implant requires the shoulder to rely on the opposite muscles that it normally would (the deltoid instead of the rotator cuff). In patients who have a significant rotator cuff tear, the rotator muscles no longer function. Therefore, using the reverse replacement allows new muscles to power the arm. For more in depth information on reverse shoulder replacements, visit the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ website.

Zimmer Biomet Implant Recall and Lawsuits

Zimmer Biomet developed a reverse shoulder implant model and marketed its device to help restore arm movement specifically in patients who had suffered a rotator cuff tear known as “cuff tear arthropathy” and who failed to respond to traditional shoulder replacement. Unfortunately, a large number of these implants have been recalled. The implants have been failing, resulting in fractures requiring revision surgery which is not only extremely risky but can cause loss of use of the shoulder and potentially result in death.

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The recall was limited to specific joint systems distributed between October 2008 and September 2015. If you have experienced fractures after a failed reverse shoulder surgery, you could suffer from permanent loss of shoulder function, infection or death. If you had a shoulder replacement with the use of the Zimmer Biomet implant and have experienced complications, contact Keller & Keller to discuss your potential claim.

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