Did the "Low T" Quiz Make You Believe You Needed Testosterone Therapy?

If you've taken the Low T quiz, it's possible the results led you to believe that you may be a candidate for testosterone therapy. In fact, it may be the very quiz that led you to your doctor to discuss the possibilities of receiving a prescription for AndroGel.

In a lawsuit filed against AbbVie, Inc. (a former partner company of Abbott Pharmaceuticals), the plaintiffs who suffered injury as a result of taking AndroGel maintain there are alternatives to the drug that are safer and treat the same symptoms that appear on the Low T quiz. In addition, the complaint states that many of the symptoms could just be the result of old age and occur naturally in men, leading to claims that the pharmaceutical company is guilty of disease mongering.  

The Low T quiz is administered in a Yes/No format and asks men about various lifestyle factors, such as questions about their sex drive, energy and strength levels, moods, work performance, loss in height, and whether or not they fall asleep after dinner. 

No matter the combination of answers given by the respondent, even if all "yes" or "no", they are presented with a page that says:

If you answered "yes" to questions 1 or 7, or to at least three of the other questions, your symptoms may be caused by Low T.

Print or email your results and bring them to your next appointment.

Talk to your doctor about your symptoms and ask if you should be tested for low testosterone (Low T).

The quiz website is a small part of a massive marketing effort by the makers of Androgel to encourage men to question their doctors about the likelihood of their having low testosterone levels. In addition to the Low T quiz, AbbVie's isitlowt.com website also has a "Doctor Discussion Guide," that provides men with a series of questions to ask their doctor in relation to testosterone treatment.

And because we know that testosterone is a multi-billion dollar revenue generator, it appears that tools like the Low T quiz and Doctor Discussion Guide have been effective in getting men interested in testosterone therapy, even in instances where it may not be needed. (Androgel sales have reached annual sales of $1.37 billion.)  

Besides the online marketing, drug makers have also launched massive television campaigns to bolster awareness about testosterone therapy for drugs such as AndroGel. Unfortunately, the televised ads often mention testing and a number, but in many instances the patient's doctor never run tests to determine the man's actual levels of testosterone, meaning many men have used the products like AndroGel with perfectly normal testosterone levels.

Specifically, as reported by an article in the New York Times, 1 in 4 men undergoing testosterone therapy never undergo blood tests to check for hypogonadism, which according to the FDA, is the only condition they officially approved for testosterone therapy.

Should you file an Androgel lawsuit?

Men who file a lawsuit against the makers of Androgel, or other testosterone therapy manufacturer, may be able to recover the following 3 types of damages:

1) Medical expenses (past, current and ongoing) 

2) Lost income

3) Pain and suffering

In addition to any possible compensation, men who file lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies are taking a step toward holding drug makers responsible for manufacturing dangerous drugs and marketing them in a fashion that led people to believe they needed treatment for a normal health condition.

Keller & Keller was asked to join a large legal team that is currently evaluating testosterone cases on behalf of men who have used AndroGel or other prescription-based testosterone therapies and suffered any of the following injuries or health conditions:

  • Heart attack 
  • Stroke
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Death

If you have additional questions or require more information on filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of AndroGel, or any other testosterone therapy, we are offering all men our Zero Fee Guarantee, meaning you will never pay for a consultation or any upfront costs associated with investigating your testosterone lawsuit.


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