What are the Side Effects of Colonoscopy Preps? OsmoPrep, Visicol, Fleet Oral Sodium Phosphates

Side-effects are a risk of any medication, prescription or over-the-counter.  Because of this, every drug manufacturer’s product is subject to the FDA’s strict scrutiny.  However, when an unknown or unannounced side-effect threatens your well-being or life, someone must be held accountable.

2008 FDA mandate required manufacturers to introduce new safety measures for certain colonoscopy prep products, specifically oral sodium phosphates , to help reduce the risk of acute kidney injury .  Unfortunately, this warning was issued long after hundreds of thousands of people had already used these products.

Keller & Keller LLP has compiled a list of side effects associated with each of the colonoscopy preps that have been identified to possibly lead to acute kidney injury .  If you have experienced any of these symptoms and are concerned that your kidneys may have been compromised, schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss your concerns.  A simple blood test can be performed to measure the health of your kidneys.

Common OsmoPrep , Visicol , and Fleet Phospho-soda side effects: 
abdominal bloating
abdominal pain

Less frequent OsmoPrep , Visicol , and Fleet Phospho-soda side effects:

Rare OsmoPrep , Visicol , and Fleet Phospho-soda side effects:
anaphylaxis (a severe, whole-body allergic reaction )
pruritus (itch or a sensation that makes a person want to scratch )
urticaria/Hives (skin rash notable for dark red, raised, itchy bumps )
throat tightness
bronchopasm (sudden constriction of the muscles in the walls of the bronchioles )
dyspnea (difficulty of breathing or painful breathing )
pharyngeal edema (throat swelling )
dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing )
paresthesia and swelling of the lips
facial swelling

Critical OsmoPrep , Visicol , and Fleet Phospho-soda side effects:
Renal impairment
increased blood urea nitrogen (BUN )
increased creatinine
acute renal failure
nephrocalcinosis (deposition of calcium salts in the renal tubes )
renal tubular necrosis (kidney disorder involving damage to the tubule cells of the kidneys )
cardiac arrhythmias (abnormal electrical activity in the heart )

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