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What Is Physiomesh/Hernia Mesh?

Physiomesh is a flexible polypropylene mesh that is used in hernia repair to reinforce the abdominal wall and prevent future hernias from occurring. There are several types of hernias, but one way that a hernia can occur is when a tissue or organ protrudes through the abdomen causing a build in the stomach or groin. Hernias can cause aches, heartburn, vomiting and swelling. Surgery is often required. Physiomesh is intended for noninvasive laparoscopic use to fill a hole in the abdominal muscle or to lay over or under the hole to prevent further intrusions.

Physiomesh Voluntary Recall

In 2016 the manufacturer of Physiomesh issued a voluntary recall of the product due to high rates of recurrence. The company said that data found that compared to similar meshes, when Physiomesh was used, there was an increased need for additional operations. Due to the company’s inability to pinpoint the cause or offer instruction to reduce chance of revision, the company completely pulled the product from the market.

Risks Associated with the Use of Physiomesh

Studies have found Physiomesh to lead to additional hernias, cause additional surgeries, perforate organs, move around in the abdomen, cause sepsis and lead to death.

Injured by Physiomesh? Our Attorneys Are Here to Help

We are currently investigating cases involving serious injury or death as a result of Physiomesh hernia repair surgeries. If you or a loved one has received this treatment, please contact us today.

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