UPDATE - 1/13/2015: Keller & Keller is no longer reviewing or able to accept client cases involving the drug Serzone. If you believe you have been harmed by Serzone, first contact your doctor and then seek alternate legal advice. If you have questions related to drug-litigation that does not involve Serzone, please contact us so that we can review your potential claim.

Serzone (Nefazodone) is an antidepressant drug that has been linked to reports of death and severe liver failure. Potentially hundreds of Serzone deaths and injuries have occurred, but because of the high number of unreported cases thought to occur, countless patients may have suffered side effcts. In 2002 alone, 2.8 million Serzone prescriptions were filled in the U.S. In addition to hepatic risks, Serzone, when used by children is believed to cause in increase in suicide risk.

The rate of Serzone liver failure associated to the antidepressant drug is about 3-4 times greater than an individual not treated with Serzone. Serzone manufacturer Bristol-Myers identified this statistic in January 2002 after the FDA strengthened the warnings, contraindications, and precautions sections of the Serzone label. The FDA first told Bristol-Myers to add a Black Box Warning on its label in December 2001, which is the most serious warning issued by the FDA.

Side Effects
--yellowing of the skin or eyes
--unusually dark urine
--loss of appetite that lasts several days or longer
--severe nausea
--abdominal pain
--irregular heartbeat
--skin rash
--unusual or severe/mental mood changes
--black stools
--“coffee ground” vomit
--easy bruising/bleeding

If you or a loved one has used the prescription drug Serzone and noticed adverse side effects, such as those listed above, you should contact a physician immediately. If you wish to discuss your legal rights, are interested in more information on Serzone litigation, or if you have information about a case that you would like to share with us, please contact the law offices of Keller & Keller LLP for a free consultation concerning your potential rights. Keller & Keller LLP has office locations in Indiana, Michigan and New Mexico and will be able to evaluate your potential case at no cost to you.

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